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Create Your Baby Registry Today and Get Your $250 Worth of Welcome Baby Box Full of Goodies Just For You and Your Baby

Why Register With Us

Free Welcome Box

Get a free Welcome Box gift with full, travel, and sample-size surprises for parents and baby.

Earth's Biggest Selection

Discover baby gear just right for you, whatever your style or budget.

15% Registry Discount

Enjoy a 15% discount on your baby registry, saving up to $300.

Free 1-year Returns

Return eligible gifts purchased by friends and family from your baby registry for a full 365 days.

Group Gifting

With Group Gifting, anyone can contribute to help you purchase the more expensive registry items.

Diaper Fund

Allow friends and family to contribute towards diapers and more in the form of an electronic Amazon Gift Card.

Some Of Customer Reviews


"Who doesn’t love free things!! thank you guys for the welcome box. Great set"


"This came with a muslin blanket, onesie, samples and diaper. Great to always get some stuff to try with your little one before you buy a large bottle of something."


"Well, I was very excited to receive it. I was really surprised with all the stuff they sent us, some even in original sizes. I am very satisfied with it and really glad I chose to do an Amazon baby registry..


"Tons of awesome stuff!!!! A swaddle, 2 new bottles, a soft lovey, and sample products!!! Whipes holder and breastfeeding guide! I was truly impressed! 😊"


"So I wasn't expecting much. I didn't want to get my hopes up. I was like hey it's free, I won't complain . But when I opened box I was extatic to see a swaddle blanket!!! It was the one thing I was secretly hoping for!!!! I love that it's gender neutral."


"Best one yet! I loved the box I received 2 years ago with my daughter but this new box is way more packed with goodies! It was sold out when I first tried to redeem it so now the 3 to 6 month goodies will go to my friend who is expecting. Still an amazing gift from Amazon with plenty for my little family to use. Very impressed!"


"My husband and I also signed up for a registry through Target, and Amazon‘s “Welcome Box” blows Target’s out of the water! I received two onsies, multiple diapers, two bottles, breast pads, and book, wipes, laundry detergent sample, coupons, and security blanket! Thanks so much, Amazon!"

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