If you’re in a hurry to figure out what is the best baby carrier, we recommend “LÍLLÉbaby The Complete All Seasons” as the best one.

There are many reasons to use a baby carrier. First of all, it allows you to be close to your baby. In the meantime, you are hands-free, which is always practical.

You can also move around more comfortably outside. Using a carrier avoids you dragging a stroller through busy areas.

On top of that, the closeness you have to your little one improves your bond. Fussy babies are easier to soothe in a carrier, and it can also help when they’re suffering from colic.

All in all, a carrier makes baby carrying less tiring.

Here is our top picklist for the best baby carrier of this year:

  1. LÍLLÉbaby The Complete All Seasons 

  2. BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original

  3. Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie

  4. KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier

  5. Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling 

  6. Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier

  7. Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

  8. Ergobaby Carrier, Omni 360 All Carry Positions

  9. Luxury Ring Sling Baby Carrier 

  10. LÍLLÉbaby Complete Baby Bundle

Types of Baby Carriers

There are a few different types of baby carriers. The main ones are slings, wraps, buckled, Mei Tais, and backpacks. Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

Slings and Wraps

Slings are made from one piece of fabric, which can be padded or unpadded. Sometimes they are adjustable, but not always. As there is a lot of material and it has some stretch, there are ways for you to nurse your little one discreetly in the carrier. Slings are worn on one shoulder, which can be uncomfortable if you’re little one is not so little.

Wraps are also fabricated out of one piece of cloth. You can wear them on both shoulders to divide the pressure, and there are often several ways to wrap. They’re not always user-friendly as the techniques for wrapping get complicated.

Slings and wraps are perfect to wear for a shorter amount of time, and with smaller babies. As the baby gets bigger, the weight of these carriers is heavy on your back and shoulders.

Buckle Carrier

This type is what comes to mind when you think of a baby carrier. With a padded waistband and shoulder straps connected by buckles, these carriers are structured yet soft. Straps are adjustable and the pouch should be breathable to create optimal comfort for both the wearer and baby.

Buckle carriers are usually suitable for babies aged over four months (when they have better head control). However, some allow for a newborn insert, which makes it suitable from birth.

Mei Tai

A Mei Tai is a centuries-old Asian style baby carrier. They are rectangular with four straps on each side and without a hip belt. There are no buckles, only knots.


Similar to “regular” packs, these are suitable for older babies that can control their head. Ideal for hiking, these carriers usually feature a metal frame and straps for proper weight distribution. Comfort, support and storage are the main features.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Baby Carrier

With so many products and positions to carry your child, you might be a little lost. It’s easier to base your choice on the criteria that you find indispensable in a carrier. Here are some important things I have found over my six years of being a mom.

Where and How Long?

If you are planning to use the carrier mostly inside your home, or outside for shorter periods, then a sling or wrap is suitable for you. If you plan on going for walks and want to use it over more extended periods, then a Mei Tai, buckle or backpack is your thing.


Often, it will not only be you using the carrier. You might have a partner or parent that would like to use it, or that can take the weight off your shoulders for a while. Every person is unique and has a different physique so the carrier will have to be adjusted. Look for a product that you can change easily.


Comfort is essential for both you and the baby. The more padding in the carrier, the more comfortable your baby will be. The area where your child’s thighs should be soft enough, as this will relieve the pressure on their little legs while being carried.

The comfort for you mostly depends on the weight of your child. The best baby carriers intend to divide the weight, have extra lumbar support and breathable fabrics.


Wraps are sometimes difficult to figure out, but even backpacks can be complicated. To adjust the sometimes many buckles and straps, you might need some practice.

Position of the Baby

Some carriers allow you to change your baby’s position, and others can only be used in one way. When you carry a newborn, it’s advised to keep them turned to you. Once your child has neck control and can sit up, you can turn him to face outwards.

Your baby should also be placed in the frog position to promote healthy hip development. Their knees should be bent and higher than the bum, so the hips are spread and thighs supported.

Infant to Toddler

If you want a carrier that grows with your child, you can opt for one you can use from newborn to toddler. As a toddler weighs more than a small baby, you will need more support. Check that your carrier has ergonomic straps to divide the weight and help support your back and shoulders.


In most types of carriers, you can breastfeed. Some are easier and more discreet than others. Nursing-friendly carriers are mostly slings and wraps because they’re flexible and have a lot of fabric. Buckle carriers make it more complicated if you need to reposition your child, but often have a hood that creates privacy while nursing.


Your carrier needs to be sturdy enough. Not just for your comfort, but also for the safety of your baby. Make sure that all the straps and belts fasten properly.


Decide on your budget before you start looking. Carriers come at a variety of price ranges to suit all budgets.


You will probably often use your carrier outside, and in changing weather conditions. Protect your baby from rain or sun with a hood. If you’re living in a hot climate, material that breathes will come in handy.

Safety First

As with all baby products, researchers also perform tests on carriers.

Some precautions to take into consideration when using a baby carrier are:

Here we found a video to show you more safety tips of using a baby carrier:

The 10 Best Baby Carrier Reviews

As you can see, there are many features you can take into consideration. If you’re convinced that you want to use a carrier, it’s time to start shopping. Let’s take a look at the best baby carriers of 2020.

1. LÍLLÉbaby The Complete All Seasons – Best Overall Baby Carrier

The LÍLLÉbaby Complete All Seasons buckle is one of the most versatile carriers. With no less than six positions, you have 360 degrees of possibilities to wear your baby.

It has padded shoulder straps, an extendable torso and adjustable side panels. These panels can be tightened to narrow the seat so to provide enough support to newborns. When carrying a toddler, the seat can be widened to a suitable width. Another strap leads to the back increasing lumbar support.

The manufacturers have considered several weather conditions. If it’s hot, a part of the material zips off, rolls up and can be stowed away. This reveals a breathable mesh that is designed to cool down the carrier.

Another handy feature is the cover for sleeping, rain and sun. This item also creates more privacy if you intend to nurse your child.

With a baby, it’s easy to have your hands full. A lot of stuff always needs to go where they go. So you will appreciate the pocket on this carrier, where you can put your little one’s most important objects, or even your cell phone.

The only downside to the design is that if you unzip the temperature control panel, you lose access to that pocket.


  • Temperature control panel.
  • Six different positions.
  • Rugged with lumbar support, padding and flexible side panels.
  • Cover for sleeping, breastfeeding, rain or sun.


  • Pocket lost when you unzip front panel.

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2. BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original – Best Baby Carrier for Plus Size Mom

The Original baby carrier from BabyBjorn allows you to carry your baby in two positions: on the front while facing in, or on the front while facing out.

What parents like is that it’s made out of cotton and easy to use. You don’t need to perform too many adjustments to make it a perfect fit. This means it’s ideal if you want to swap with someone during an outing. It’s a great choice for a plus size mom because of this easy adjustability.

There are no extra straps to improve the parent’s back support, so the fact that you can easily switch with someone might be helpful.

The biggest disadvantage of the carrier is its weight limit. You should only use it until your little one weighs 24 pounds. This equals about one year of age, so you won’t be able to use this product for a long period.


  • Easy use.
  • Perfect fit with not many adjustments.


  • Usable up to 24 pounds.
  • No extra lumbar support.

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3. Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie – Best Mei Tai Carrier

If you like your carrier to have a lively and colorful design, the Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie could become your favorite. This Mei Tai is only equipped with knots, so no buckles or complicated wraps are needed. It’s easy to rewrap without taking the baby off and you can just loosen the knot if you want to breastfeed.

This carrier has a detachable hood, a useful item to face weather changes and create some extra privacy for nursing. The wide, padded shoulder straps provide extra support.

Your baby can enjoy three different ways of carrying so will experience different views. Apart from the more typical positions on the front and on your back, there’s also the hip hugging position on the side.

A minus of this Mie Tai is that the bigger your baby gets, the more you might feel the knots. Some parents even described it as a bit painful. Taking into consideration that this carrier can be used for children up to 36 pounds, this could form a considerable downside.


  • Colorful style.
  • Easy to rewrap and nurse.
  • Extra wide padded straps.


  • As baby gets bigger, knots can hurt.

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4. KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier – Most Versatile Baby Wrap

The baby carrier is fabricated out of a light spandex cotton blend in several lovely colors. This material is both stretchy and sturdy. The stretch helps to find a comfortable position for your baby and you. You can easily move the fabric to do so, and it helps when you want to nurse.

There’s no need to measure or weigh yourself and look for your size, as it’s one size that fits all. Fewer adjustments are necessary, and the carrier is suitable for both smaller and bigger sized moms.

A wrap is most comfortable for smaller babies. Once your little one isn’t that little anymore, the weight is not always very well divided. For short use, it stays a helpful tool, but during long walks, you might feel pain in your back or shoulders.

As well as a sling, the material can also be used as a postpartum belt, nursing cover or even a swaddle blanket.

Some parents find that the stretch increases with every time you wash the wrap. The sturdiness reduces in that case and makes the whole thing saggy. In that case, you might feel you have to adjust your wrap more often while you carry your child.


  • Light fabric in lovely colors.
  • One size fits all.
  • Many uses.


  • Less comfortable with bigger babies
  • Stretch increases with washing.

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5. Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling – Best Carrier for Fussy Babies

With its variety of lovely colors, this sling by CuddleBug is a great way to carry your baby. Made of French terry cotton and spandex, it’s designed to have the perfect balance between stretch and sturdiness.

The soft, breathable material wraps around the baby like a big hug. This is perfect for fussy infants who need some comfort to relax.

Some bigger sized women have reported the wrap to be on the short side. As you have to turn the fabric around your body a few times, you need enough of it left on the ends, to make a steady knot.

Another downside of this product is that it’s difficult to put on. My advice is that if you want to buy a wrap to practice the wrapping first without baby. Once you feel you’re comfortable enough, you can try it with them inside.


  • Variety of colors.
  • Babies feel comfortable and relaxed.


  • Difficult to put on.
  • Bigger sized women report it’s too short.

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6. Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier – Best Baby Wrap Carrier

The Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier is what the manufacturer calls “the no-wrap” wrap. It’s designed like a t-shirt with a unique double-loop design to carry your precious child safely. There are no buckles and it doesn’t need to be wrapped—making it the best baby carrier wrap for ease of use.

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has approved the wrap. It allows you to carry your little one in five different positions.

There are different sizes, and to facilitate finding yours there is a chart. On this chart, you can check your size based on your height and weight.

Some parents, however, still find it difficult to find the correct size. Many have advised taking one size smaller, but that doesn’t seem to work for everyone. A size that is too small can cause the baby to be too tight. A size too big, on the other hand, might result in sagging.


  • Easy to use.
  • Unique double-loop design.
  • Approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.


  • Difficult to find appropriate size.

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7. Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier – Best Baby Carrier for Newborn

The Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible carrier comes at a steal of a price. You can place your child in four different positions. The seat can be widened or tightened, so this carrier also offers good support for newborns.

There is a wonder cover accompany with the carrier to protect the carrier, your clothes and baby’s clothes. Because the cover is a soft flap, it can absorb spit or drool. On the other hand, a cover to protect against sun, rain or wind seems to be missing.

The biggest downside of this carrier is how it divides the weight. The shoulder straps are padded. However, that’s still not enough as most of the weight seems to fall on the carrier’s shoulders.


  • Affordable.
  • Seat can be tightened or widened.
  • Wonder cover.


  • No sun protector.
  • Weight not very well divided.

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8. Ergobaby Carrier, Omni 360 All Carry Positions – Best Baby Carrier for Hiking

While not a framed backpack carrier, the Ergobaby Omni 360 is still great for long days out and hiking. During your walk, you can choose out of four comfortable positions to put your baby in.

This carrier is less affordable, but you get many features in return for the price you pay. The hood has UPF 50+ protection so keeps your baby safe from sun, wind, and rain.

There are two ways to wear the shoulder straps: straight or crossed. You can switch between the ways of wearing them to shift pressure points on your shoulders. Though the straps are padded, they can create some discomfort when being worn crossed. They will probably slide up against your neck.

The Ergo has also been equipped with extra lumbar support. The waist belt can be worn high or low, depending on what is most comfortable for you. This is a very helpful feature, as you can use the carrier until your child weighs 45 pounds.

In the pouch, you can store the most used items, e.g. your cell phone, money and your baby’s pacifier. A great feature is that it’s detachable, so ideal when you take the carrier in the car and want to keep your things close by.

A minus of this carrier is that there are no extra adjustments to the fabric. For hiking or longer use, some extra airing features would be useful.


  • Can use to 45 pounds.
  • Protecting hood UPF +50.
  • Shoulder straps can be worn in two ways.
  • Lumbar support waist belt.
  • Detachable pouch.


  • Material not very breathable.
  • Less affordable.

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9. Luxury Ring Sling Baby Carrier – Best Baby Sling Carrier

The Luxury carrier is a bamboo and linen sling that has copper or rose-colored rings to add strength and adjustability. The material is light and eco-friendly.

Purchasing this best baby sling carrier will not only benefit you and your child but also aid families in need. Five percent of the profits will be distributed to them.

The manufacturer also offers all clients a lifetime guarantee on the product. This means you’ll be able to use it for an extended period.

The downside of this sling is that some have reported the material to be warm. Therefore, it’s better to use it in cooler climates or seasons. Also, wrinkles seem to appear in the fabric quite easily, so you might have to take out your iron now and then.


  • 5 percent of the profits go to families in need.
  • Lifetime guarantee.


  • Warm and wrinkly material.

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10. LÍLLÉbaby Complete Baby Bundle – Best Baby Carrier for Dad

The LÍLLÉbaby Complete Baby Bundle is suitable for all members of the family because of its neutral colors. It’s also quite bulky and rugged, it is very suitable for men to wear.

The bulkiness of the carrier makes it unfoldable, so make sure to provide enough room in your car or anywhere else you want to transfer it in. Because this carrier is quite sturdy and big, it’s mostly suited for older babies instead of newborns. Smaller babies might be seated too low in this carrier.

Produced out of breathable cotton mesh, the carrier offers you six different positions to carry your child in.

With extra lumbar support created by a soft waist belt, this carrier is perfect for use over longer periods.

One of the biggest advantages is the complete rain cover. You’ll not only protect your little one’s head from weather conditions, but the whole carrier.


  • Complete rain cover.
  • Zippered pocket.
  • Lumbar support through soft waist belt.


  • Bulky, so not foldable.

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Best Baby Carrier

The LÍLLÉbaby The Complete All Seasons is, in my opinion, the best baby carrier of 2020. It’s a sturdy carrier that you can use from newborn to toddler, and for more extended amounts of time. It has adaptations to several weather conditions and no less than six positions to carry your baby.

There’s so much choice on the market. It’s best to start at the beginning when you make yours. First, figure out which type of carrier suits your needs. After that, it’s time to select the features you require. Lastly, you choose your favorite, and you’re ready to start babywearing.