We have you covered with the best baby food processors. Rather not wait? Our top choice is the Squeeze Station Baby Food Maker by Infantino.

Have you ever picked up a jar of baby food at the store and wondered how it was made? It’s common knowledge that the additives and preservatives in jarred foods aren’t friendly to our health.

Furthermore, the cost over time can add up. Having your own food maker for the little one can help ease that stress and allow you the opportunity to be in charge of your baby’s diet.

Here is our top list for the best baby food processor of this year:

  1. Squeeze Station Baby Food Maker by Infantino

  2. Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker & Blender by Beaba

  3. Baby Food Maker Processor by Infanso

  4. Glass Baby Food Maker by Baby Brezza

  5. BFM Baby Food Maker by Cuisinart

  6. Baby Food Processor 5 in 1 by Costzon

Types of Baby Food Processors

Processors cater to a wide variety of needs, thus feature different steps of the food-preparation process.

There are two main types of baby food processors to help you suss out what your circumstances require most.


This is a traditional baby food processor that’s straightforward to use with one simple task: puree. If you don’t mind cutting and cooking your own baby foods, you can then toss them into one of these machines, which will leave you with a smooth result.

Some puree stations, or blenders, provide you with containers or bags to use—making the process even more efficient.

Because the machine is only in charge of blending the food, they’re usually smaller in size and easily portable.


The big mamas of food processors, all-in-one machines cover a multitude of kitchen tasks. Steam and puree functions are the two most significant here as they take care of the cooking and mashing.

Other features may include the option for reheating or defrosting, which is convenient if you take advantage of freezing items for later.

Some processors will even boast a cut function, so there’s no need to bust out the cutting board and knife only to turn around and wash them afterward.

Benefits of Using Baby Food Processors

We briefly noted up above a few of the benefits that come with using baby food processors. These beautiful contraptions can greatly aid you in your quest to feed your little one highly-nutritious homemade eats:

    • Cost-effective: Like a variety of baby-centric items, the cost of baby food comes in a wide range. This can add up over time—regardless of if you’re going for the cheapest option or the best organic line.
    • Great for picky eaters: Is your little one slow to try new things? Have you wasted jar upon jar of baby food because of this? Processors allow you to customize what goes inside, introducing new flavors at your own pace.
    • More variety: Not only does a processor benefit picky eaters, but they also work for babies that want to “eat the rainbow” right away. The sky’s the limit here! Do you want your little one to taste your dinner? It could be put through the processor, so he or she isn’t left out.
  • Helps babies assimilate: Store-bought baby food has a particular taste and texture that is quite limiting where the transition into big-kid food is involved. With a baby food maker, both of these elements are completely up to you. Experiment with the nuances of your little one’s meals to help them adjust.
  • Nutrition: Last, but certainly not least, there’s a peace of mind with knowing what’s in your baby’s meals. As little ones get older, this not only helps set the standard for healthy eating but gives them a head start from the get-go.

What to Look for When Choosing Baby Food Processors

Now that you know the types of baby food processors and benefits of using one, you’re ready to dive into the specifics.


If there’s one function we could most recommend it’d be this.

Steaming is the best method for cooking baby food because it ensures all nutrients are left intact. Other preparation techniques including boiling cause a decrease in vitamin C, chlorophyll and proteins.

You can also scoop up any food that fell to the wayside while cooking and adds it into the puree. The best thing is that steaming typically requires a maximum of 15 minutes —you won’t be waiting around here.


Are you looking to introduce your child to other textures aside from puree? A chopping function is excellent for this because it allows you to set the size of your end product.

Maybe you have a picky eater who doesn’t mind pureed carrots but pureed eggplant grosses him out. He may accept the latter if it’s chopped and mixed into other foods.


For all the working mamas out there, we feel your pain. We want to provide our kids with delicious and healthy foods, but the time we have to do so is quite limited.

With a defrost and/or reheating function, meal planning becomes doable. You can use items you’ve stored in the freezer for those days life is hectic.

Reheating allows you to quickly grab items from the fridge and have them ready for your little one in a matter of minutes.


An efficient contraption is one thing, but if it’s not easy to clean then what’s the point?

Thankfully, a best rated baby food processor usually includes an auto-clean function. This equates to less time spent by the sink and a decrease in risk that you may screw up the machine in the process of cleaning it. It can happen to all of us.

Hygiene is a priority, of course, and when making your baby’s food it’s even more essential. Some machines are dishwasher safe to boot, providing a little extra security for you, mom.

Bottle Features

If your baby is still on bottles or you have another child on the way, a bottle function may be a life-saver.

This option may include a special compartment on the food processor to warm your bottles to the correct temperature.

Some machines also feature a bottle sterilization mechanism which, again, is supremely handy in making sure your baby’s intake is clean and monitored.


It’s a significant factor to consider when some of these machines require hefty investments.

Overheating is a common complaint with food processors in general. To avoid this, you want a device that has a motor able to handle the work ahead.

Other accidents may occur like chipping, broken parts or plastic melting. Choose models made from stainless steel or other durable materials that indicate a long lifespan.


How many children you’re preparing food for and the quantities should provide you an indication as to what size processor you need.

If you want to make large batches at once and save them for later, a larger machine could be your best bet. However, if you prefer to prepare smaller amounts more regularly, there’s no need for an over-sized vessel.

Do you have limited storage or countertop space? Keep in mind that the capacity of your baby food processor will also determine the size of the overall unit.

Ease of Use

Time is always of the essence, am I right? Some moms prefer a built-in timer so they can tend to other tasks while the food maker does its magic.

For those comfortable in the digital world, some baby food processors offer touch-screen panels where you give directives. If plenty of customization is important to you, the more options the better could be suitable.

Others have singular knobs similar to what you’d find on a standard food processor. Clear cut and less of a hassle, all of your preferences may not be covered here.

Make Home Food with A Baby Food Processor

Here we have found a video to show you how to make home food with a baby food processor, moms can even learn some recipes to cook food for your little one.

Best Baby Food Processor Reviews

The time has come to share with you the best rated food processor and five others that optional behind.

1. Squeeze Station Baby Food Maker by Infantino – Best On-The-Go Baby Food Processor

The squeeze station offers a modern take on a baby food machine. Unlike the others on this list, it has one primary function, which is to transfer pureed foods into ready-made bags for your little ones.

It contains three vessels that make this happen at the push of just one button. Attached below the station are squeeze pouches that end up filled with freshly-blended foods. Included with the machine are 10 bags to get you started.

Beyond that, you’ll have to purchase the puree containers yourself. Insert the squeeze pouch under the squeezing area. Pour in the puree, press down to fill and you’re finished.

The pouches are then ready for your baby to enjoy. They feature a transparent window to see what’s inside with a space for labeling. Furthermore, these little bags are safe for baby as they’re PVC, BPA and phthalate-free.

They’re also suitable for freezer storage so you can get organized and be done with it.

The non-skid base ensures the machine doesn’t move around while it’s working—a common problem with food processors.


  • Convenient storage station.
  • Free from harmful chemicals.
  • Safe for freezer storage.
  • Non-skid base.


  • This machine doesn’t actually cook or blend food.

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2. Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker & Blender by Beaba – Best Baby Food Processor for Cooking

This four-in-one baby food processor can complete a fish-friendly meal from start to finish in a mere 15 minutes. Any food for that matter can be cooked, and then pureed, with the Beaba Babycook machine.

The housing container measures at approximately 5 cups with graduated markings, so you’re able to see just how much you’re making.

With auto shut-off and timer functions, you can switch it on and leave it be as you attend to other responsibilities.

Included with this versatile machine is a cooking basket, spatula, mixing lid and recipe booklet for inspiration.

It’s free from lead, BPA and phthalates. To top it off, the water reservoir is made from stainless steel, making it a safe option for your little one’s health.

This dishwasher-safe processor is a wonderful option if you’re looking for a machine to cook and process baby food.


  • Auto shut-off and timer.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Only takes 15 minutes.
  • Made from safe materials.


  • There’s no chopping function.

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3. Baby Food Maker Processor by Infanso – Best All-In-One Baby Food Processor

Infanso takes it up a notch with this processor that can handle seven tasks in one. That’s right. It does everything: chop, steam, blend, defrost, reheat, disinfect and auto-clean.

Beyond the initial cooking process, you can easily incorporate freezer or refrigerated foods into your baby’s meals here. This makes for a wonderful option when you’re on-the-go without time to prep fresh foods every single day.

The machine offers a versatile range of options where the outcome is concerned. From smoothly pureed to larger cuts, you can introduce your little one to various textures and shapes in the process.

It hosts a digital display panel which includes a button for the auto-clean function. The blade and cup are dishwasher safe as well. The 20-ounce capacity means you can make up to three meals at once for your baby.

FDA-approved, the machine is without BPA, lead and other materials that, over time, could potentially be dangerous for your little one.


  • Seven functions in one machine.
  • Digital display.
  • 20-ounce capacity.
  • FDA approved.


  • May show signs of wear and tear early on.

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4. Glass Baby Food Maker by Baby Brezza – Best Baby Food Processor for Hygiene

Baby Brezza covers your cooking and blending needs with this two-in-one steamer and puree baby food maker. All it takes is one button to finish both tasks.

All in all, the process takes around 10 minutes which leaves you the task of storage and cleaning. The blade and 4-cup glass bowl are dishwasher safe, adding to the convenience of this machine.

The steam tank itself can be opened and cleaned in a jiffy, which is also important where hygiene matters.

A control panel is straightforward for ease of use and the tank is removable to make filling it a quick task.

Furthermore, you can opt to steam or puree only in case you don’t need the machine to do all functions in one go.

Included is a one-year limited warranty if the machine is faulty. There’s a recipe booklet alongside the processor that may inspire you but be aware that it’s only a guideline. Some directions may not be spot-on, so don’t be disappointed if your final product isn’t what you’d imagine the first go-around.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Steam, puree, or both.
  • Warranty included.
  • It only takes 10 minutes.


  • The blade is low quality and may flake off into food.

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5. BFM Baby Food Maker by Cuisinart – Best Baby Food Processor and Bottle Warmer

Cuisinart brings us a BPA-free baby food maker with three functions including a steam option, chop/puree and bottle warmer.

If your little one is still on bottles, but you’re looking to transition to purely solid foods, this machine may be the way to go.

A recipe booklet, spatula, integrated measuring cup and bottle adapter ring are all included with the set. You can grab some ideas for baby meals and make sure your quantities are just right as well.

The 4-cup steaming container comes with a seal to prevent any unnecessary messes from occurring during the process. With a simple knob on the front side, the operation is basic and makes it easy to use.

This baby food processor comes in both gray and pink to match your kitchen or style accordingly. If you lack space at home, some customers praise this processor’s small footprint that doesn’t take up too much room.


  • Two colors to choose from.
  • Extras included.
  • Easy to use.
  • Bottle warmer.


  • Steam chamber is hard to open and may grow mold.

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6.Baby Food Processor 5 in 1 by Costzon – Best Budget-Friendly Baby Food Processor

Costzon brings it home with this high-rated, budget-friendly five-in-one baby food maker. Most of what you’d expect from a food processor, this machine has.

Steam, blend, chop, reheat and defrost your way to the freshest meals for your baby. It’s a convenient option for dads and moms that don’t have time to be turning on the stove every day.

The machine takes safety seriously with its overheat protection and automatic shut-off feature. The latter kicks in when the steam compartment (390 milliliters) is running low.

A basic knob on the front includes a timer that lasts up to 30 minutes, where then the end product is dropped into the basket holding up to 650 milliliters.

Not only is this machine BPA-free for baby’s safety, but it’s also made from Tritan. This durable material is heat resistant, breakage-free, toxin-free and not prone to deform with time. If you’re after years of use, this might be your jackpot.


  • Overheat protection.
  • Made from Tritan.
  • Five in one.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • No auto-clean function.

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It’s Nutrition Time

Making your own baby food doesn’t have to be a burden. With the help of a processor, you can take control of your little one’s menu and experiment with tastes and textures.

Our favorite machine on this list takes a modern spin on feeding baby. The best food processor for baby food is the Squeeze Station Baby Food Maker by Infantino.

It only requires you to pour in your puree while it handles the rest.

While it doesn’t cook or puree your baby’s food, it’s the only processor on our list that manages to store food at the press of a button. For on-the-go mamas, this could be invaluable.