In a hurry to figure out the best baby thermometer? Our top pick is the Braun Digital Ear Thermometer ThermoScan 5 IRT6500.

It’s hard to tell if your baby got a fever — especially if you have a newborn. You can confirm better with the best baby thermometer. Not just any baby thermometer is useful—they aren’t all accurate, convenient, or even hygienic to use. Read on to learn more about what’s best for your baby when checking their temperature.

Here is our top pick list for the best baby thermometer of this year:

  1. Braun’s Digital Ear Thermometer ThermoScan 5 IRT6500

  2. iProven Medical Digital Ear Thermometer

  3. Baby Forehead Thermometer With Ear Function

  4. Vigorun Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer

  5. Baby Forehead and Ear Thermometer for Fever by DrKea

  6. Hobest Baby Thermometer

  7. TLINNA’s Forehead Thermometer

  8. CocoBear Thermometer Baby

  9. Ocodai Digital Medical Infrared Body Temporal Thermometer for Fever

  10. Kinsa Smart Thermometer for Fever

Types of Baby Thermometers

All baby thermometers fall into two essential types: digital and infrared.

Digital Thermometers

A digital thermometer can be used to measure your baby’s temperature orally, axially (armpit), or anally.

The oral type requires placing the thermometer in your baby’s mouth in order to get readings. Axial requires the thermometer to be placed in the armpit. The rectal/anal method requires you to insert the thermometer’s probe tip into the anus.

As uncomfortable as it may sound, anal thermometers are very accurate and reliable — you could use them until your newborn grows up into a toddler.

The response time for digital thermometers is slow compared to infrared thermometers. Accuracy is what they are good at; comfort is not so much their best feature when compared to infrared.

Infrared Thermometers

Ear Thermometers

Ear thermometers measure the heat generated in the eardrum and the surrounding tissue. The heat is as a result of the blood supply that the eardrum and the brain’s temperature control shares. So when your baby’s temperature rises, the ear canal will be quick to get hot.

This type of infrared thermometer is convenient to use but not so hygienic. Precision can also be a challenge — especially when your baby wiggles a lot.

Forehead Thermometers

Just like the ear thermometer, forehead thermometers make use of infrared technology to measure temperature. But instead of the ear canal, it reads the temperature in the temporal artery on the baby’s forehead.

It’s convenient as there’s no need for contact—you swipe it across your baby’s forehead and you’ll have your readings. You can monitor your baby’s temperature with this thermometer without waking them up.

How to Tell If Your Baby Has a Fever Without a Thermometer

Personally, I have no problem detecting a fever on my firstborn. At five years old, I just place the back of my hand on his forehead. However, with my baby it’s a different story and much harder to tell.

When she was very small, my little one looked like she was developing a fever. I misplaced the thermometer and it was already too late to purchase a new one.

My magical mom’s sense was tingling, so I decided to check her temperature manually.

I started out by pressing my lips against her forehead — it was quite warm — then I placed the back of my hand on her torso. It was a bit hotter. That was how I convinced myself she had a fever.

Doctors don’t recommend this method as it is not precise, babies often feel warm to the touch. Fever can be very subtle, especially if it involves a newborn. It’s better and safer to use a thermometer or make an appointment with your pediatrician.

Anyway, the next day, I drove immediately to the store and bought a proper baby thermometer that provides accurate readings.

For more information about how to tell your little one’s temperature, please refers to below video:

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Baby Thermometer

We all want the best for our offspring. Here’s what to look for when you’re looking for the best baby thermometer.


An inaccurate thermometer is as useless as a stick. When shopping for a thermometer for your baby, it must have an effective and sensitive sensor tip or infrared lens.

Several manufacturers have their own patented temperature sensors, which ensures accurate readings. Some make use of transducers to improve accuracy while others use lasers.

I recommend that you go for the ones with laser sensors — it points directly at where you wish to measure temperature.


There are models of baby thermometers that come with small accessories such as tip covers, case covers, and lens filters. While they may be useful, look out for such models as the small accessories could be choking hazards around your little one. Keep those small accessories far away from your unsupervised baby.


The best baby thermometer has to be good for the situation. If your infant is dealing with an ear infection, it’s not convenient to ram in a tympanic thermometer. The same goes for rectal thermometers — that should be far away from your baby’s butt if they have a diaper rash.

Ease of use is just as important as accuracy when you’re in search of a baby thermometer. From my experience with armpit/axillary thermometers, your baby may not sit still—it’ll be difficult to get accurate readings.

This issue also applies to all digital thermometers and tympanic ones as well. With those ones out of the list—it’s safe to say that forehead thermometers are very convenient as there’s no contact required.


You need a baby thermometer that has features in place to prevent your baby from cross-contamination. For instance, if it’s an ear thermometer — make sure it has a filter that can be fitted on the tip. The filter will help prevent ear wax stains which could also affect accuracy.

Measurement System

I’m comfortable with the imperial measurement system that reads in Fahrenheit. My preference is because of my location. It helps to prevent confusion. If you live anywhere else in the world, then the metric system in Celsius is most likely convenient for you.

Other Features

They may not be so important, but extra features can improve your experience as a user. They give you the freedom to customize the baby thermometer:

  • Large and back-lit display: If readability is a problem, a thermometer with a larger screen that can be back-lit will be convenient.
  • Memory: This feature allows you to compare your baby’s daily temperature readings. It’s best to get one that allows you to recall the most past temperature readings. You get to notice the slightest fluctuation even when everything seems fine.

The 10 Best Baby Thermometer Reviews

1. Braun’s Digital Ear Thermometer ThermoScan 5 IRT6500 – Best Ear Thermometer for Baby

This model supersedes most in the market with its patented pre-warmed soft tips and ExacTemp positional system.

The pre-warmed soft tips help to improve the accuracy of your measurements to a tenth of a degree. ExacTemp positional systems guide you with the use of beeps and light on where to place the thermometer.

You don’t even have to wait until your little one is still—just wait for the beep or light and your readings will be ready ASAP.

The last two sets of features are the memory and the disposable lens filters. The memory allows you to recall one previous reading, which is great for noticing any immediate fluctuations.

The tip filters help to prevent your baby from cross-contamination. At the same time, ear wax will not affect your reading’s accuracy.


  • Gives accurate and reliable readings.
  • Convenient and quick.
  • Pre-warmed tip.
  • Hygienic design.


  • There’s no indicator for fever.

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2. iProven Medical Digital Ear Thermometer – Best Infrared Thermometer for Baby

This thermometer has two modes. You can toggle to the one convenient for the situation. The ear mode is great for accuracy and for when your baby is still. The forehead mode is best for when you can’t take your baby’s temperature precisely with the ear mode.

The thermometer possesses a special feature known as the tried-and-true calibration technology, which gets you fast and accurate readings consistently.

With the forehead mode and the smart fever alarm, you can covertly take your baby’s temperature. All you need to do is swipe the thermometer across your baby’s forehead and look out for a colored back-light. Red shows your child has a fever while green means they’re at normal temperature.

Another great feature to look at is the memory which allows you to recall up to 20 of your baby’s previous readings. That’s more than enough for you to study and look out for fluctuations.


  • Two functionalities.
  • Visual fever alarm.
  • Great for all members of the family.
  • You can recall up to 20 previous readings.


  • There are no lens filters.

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3. Baby Forehead Thermometer With Ear Function – Top Rated Baby Thermometer

This thermometer’s optimized calibration technology system provides accurate readings in one second. This is because the optimized calibration system consists of a very sensitive temperature sensor.

There are three modes—the first two are for measuring body temperature with a forehead and ear thermometer function. The last function is for measuring the temperature of objects or surfaces, such as a milk bottle. It has to be positioned between 0.1 and 0.2 inches away from the bottle’s surface.

Another feature to look at is its intelligent fever alarm system. Once the thermometer detects a fever, the display will light up red, followed by some beeps. Your readings will be clear to see via the large back-lit LCD screen.

There’s a mute function, which is great for measuring your baby while they sleep. You can mute the device by holding on the MEM button until you hear a beep sound. Hold the button once again to reactivate the sound.

The memory can also recall up 20 readings and it’s possible to change the measurement system.


  • Three modes.
  • Memory up to 20 readings.
  • Back-lit screen.
  • Fever alarm.
  • You can toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit.


  • Ear function isn’t so hygienic.

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4. Vigorun Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer – Top Rated Baby Thermometer

In the design, a transducer is present just below the tip. This helps to send heat to the tip which ensures that you always get accurate readings. No need to worry about the cooling effect.

Another special feature is the smart chip—it helps to speed up the measuring process. As soon as you push a button, the readout is already on the clear LCD screen.

Taking your baby’s temperature as the slumber is not an issue. The thermometer has a mute mode and intelligent light indicators — your little one won’t notice.

What if the battery runs out? Don’t worry, the thermometer possesses an energy-saving system with a set of two AAA batteries that’ll ensure the usage of up to 3000 times.


  • Transducers ensure accurate readings.
  • Long battery life.
  • Smart fever indicators are present.
  • You can recall up to 35 previous readings for better evaluation.


  • No tip positional guidance system is available.

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5. Baby Forehead and Ear Thermometer for Fever by DrKea – Best Forehead Thermometer for Baby

This device offers you three modes. Two of them are for measuring your baby’s temperature. The other is for measuring the temperature of your baby’s milk bottle. You can do all that with just a simple push of a button for two to three seconds and you’ll receive readings in a second.

If you live outside the continent, the temperature measurement may confuse you—just toggle to Celsius setting. You can do this by holding the MEM button for about three seconds and it’ll change.

The thermometer also features a silent mode, fever indicators, and LED backlight which are best for monitoring your sleepy baby’s temperature without interfering. You’ll come in like a ninja and leave the same way.


  • Versatile.
  • Three modes.
  • Can be set to either Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Gives accurate readings in no time.


  • You can’t recall previous readings.

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6. Hobest Baby Thermometer – Best Infrared Thermometer for Baby

Quick, easy, and painless are the words I’d like to describe this device. Don’t worry; it’s just a thermometer. A thermometer with a highly sensitive infrared sensor and a precise tip that’ll get you good accuracy. Just like an arrow hitting the target.

You can read your accurate measurements through its large and clear LCD back-light screen. If the thermometer reads a high temperature, its display will light up with the color red. A short beeping sound will follow it.

This thermometer features up to four modes. The forehead and ear mode deal with body temperature. The object mode measures the temperature of your baby’s milk. The last mode is for measuring room temperature.

The thermometer has an auto-turn off function that will activate after every 30 seconds on standby. This saves your battery power from depleting quickly.


  • You can recall up to 20 past readings.
  • The infrared sensors are highly sensitive.
  • Offers four modes.
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit options.
  • Great battery saving system.


  • You need to activate it constantly.

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7. TLINNA’s Forehead Thermometer – Best Forehead Thermometer for Baby

This product has two functionalities: forehead mode and object mode. The first is for measuring your baby’s temperature while the other is for measuring your baby’s milk bottle.

The thermometer gives nothing short of accuracy in just a second. Don’t worry too much about the battery power, as the device saves it by turning off after 20 seconds on standby.

There’s a guidance system in place that’ll display ERR3 once the thermometer is not positioned correctly. The tip has to be precisely between 2 to 6 inches from your baby’s forehead in order for ERR3 to stop displaying. Once you get your readings, the readout will display on the large and clear 1080p screen.

With up to 32 recallable past readings, you’ll notice the slightest fluctuation even when everything seems fine. Another feature to look at is the smart fever alarm—if your baby has a fever, the display will turn red and there’ll be beeps.

If it’s a mildly high temperature, the thermometer will give a yellow display—green shows normal temperature.


  • Precise.
  • Crystal clear screen.
  • You can recall up to 32 past readings.
  • Smart fever alarm present.
  • Mutable.


  • Reads only in Celsius.

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8. CocoBear Thermometer Baby – Most Accurate Baby Thermometer

This is a three-in-one function thermometer that makes use of a built-in infrared laser. Don’t worry, it’s safe and best of all, it’s very precise. It works the same way you’d use a laser pointer.

There’s no need for contact, which is good for preventing cross-contamination. The thermometer is very easy to use—it’s just like using a laser pointer. Just push a button, and the thermometer will shoot infrared rays—you’ll get readings displayed through an LCD screen in seconds.

It’s a three-in-one function thermometer, apart from body temperature readings it can measure objects and room temperature as well. You can measure the temperature of your baby’s milk to see if it’s warm enough to drink. The room feature gives you a reading of your baby’s room temperature so you can work out what to dress them in.

The memory feature can store up to 32 readings, which is enough for noticing even the slightest fluctuations. There’s a power-saving feature in place—the device turns off after 30 seconds on standby.


  • Power saving mechanism.
  • Can measure your room temperature.
  • Infrared laser rays make it very accurate.
  • Quick scan.
  • Clear LCD screen.


  • Not so accurate when cold.

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9. Ocodai Digital Medical Infrared Body Temporal Thermometer for Fever – Most Versatile Baby Thermometer

This is a ready-to-use five-in-one mode thermometer. Two out of the five are for taking body temperature — that is the forehead and ear function. Another measures liquid temperature — this feature is great for saving your baby from a nerve-racking bath.

There’s also a function for objects—you can use it to check if the milk in the feeding bottle is warm to drink. And lastly, the final mode takes ambient/room temperature.

If you don’t have a steady hand or your baby won’t stay still, there’s a light indicator just above the screen. It’ll improve your precision while you take readings.

Overall, the device is easy to use. There are only two buttons on the device, which are above and below the back-lit clear LCD screen. The lower button is for activating and deactivating the sound (you have to press it for 2 seconds). The top button is for scanning the part you wish to measure.


  • Intuitive interface.
  • Fast and accurate scanning.
  • Versatile with up to five modes available.
  • Fever alert is present.
  • Memory can hold up to 35 readings.


  • Ear function could be more accurate.

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10. Kinsa Smart Thermometer for Fever  – Best Digital Thermometer for Baby

This product has passed FDA tests and is fit for use orally, axially, or rectally. It’s convenient for children and adults because the tip is flexible and comfortable. The sensors within the tip are effective—it gives accurate readings in just eight seconds or less.

Your readings are clear to see with the thermometer’s large LCD backlit screen. Just above your reading is a face icon that smiles when the temperature is normal. It then becomes neutral when mildly high, and it frowns once it detects a fever.

If the measuring unit is confusing, you can toggle to the other setting by double pushing the one button. The thermometer turns off automatically when on standby for 30 seconds. The battery lasts faster this way.

Via Bluetooth, you’ll have access to lots of features in the Kinsa app. It can track your baby’s health. Take your baby’s age and symptoms and in return it’ll give you a list of things to do—things like what meds should be taken and how to handle the sickness. If the condition of your baby is critical it will advise you to see a doctor.


  • Waterproof.
  • Has a comfortable tip.
  • The app works on Android 5.0 and iOS.
  • Large readable screen.
  • Great medical guidance in-app.


  • The screen could be too bright at night.

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Find That Fever

Our winner is the Braun’s Digital Ear Thermometer ThermoScan 5 IRT6500.

The choice is based on simplicity and effectiveness—not the number of accessories it can fit. Overall, the device is accurate, convenient to use, and hygienic.

Of course, all of these products are good choices if you’re looking for a safe and easy way to track your baby’s temperature.