Hurry to know what the best bikes for kids are right now? We recommend the RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike.

Your babies have started to grow up and turn into adventurous humans. They love exploring the outdoors and having new experiences. What better way to further their learning than investing in a bike? It will bring confidence to your child as well as become an activity for the whole family. But what are the best bikes for kids to ride and enjoy?

Here is our top picklist for the best bikes for kids this year:

  1. RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike

  2. JOYSTAR Kids Bike With Training Wheels

  3. Schwinn Koen Boy’s Bike

  4. Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike for Kids

  5. Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos

  6. Schwinn Petunia and Grit Steerable Kids Bikes

  7. JOYSTAR 12″ & 14″ Kids Bike for 2-5 Years

Types of Bikes for Kids

There are a wide array of bike options available on the market for kids, no matter what age they are:

  • Small wheeler: These bikes usually have small wheels (12 inches to 14 inches) and are designed as your child’s first “adult” bike. They can still easily put their feet down when needed.
  • Middle wheeler: These bikes have slightly larger wheels (16 inches) and have more features than you would find on an adult bike. They should be reaching the stage where they can pedal without the need to use their feet to brake.
  • Mountain bikes: These bikes are durable on the road as well as on the trails. They are similar to adult ones, except they have fewer features involved.
  • BMX bikes: These bikes are designed for dirt tracks with their thick tires. They have optional pegs that can be put on when your child becomes a better cyclist.
  • Training bikes: These bikes come with detachable wheels on either side. They can be removed when your child becomes confident with stability on the bike.
  • Handle bikes: This type of bike is designed so that you are able to control the bike without your child realizing it. They have a detachable handle, so when they become proficient with balance, it can be removed.

What Are the Benefits of Kid’s Bikes?

It’s Fun

Riding a bike will become so rewarding and fun for children. You can be there every step of the way to encourage them to continue.

I remember my first full bike ride with my little one and seeing the pure joy spread across his face.

An Activity for the Whole Family

Cycling is an incredible activity that you are able to enjoy with your children for many years. Every member of the family can take part and spend some quality time together.

Have a look in your local area for easy trails to follow and make it a weekly adventure. It will become something they look forward to, believe me!

Improves Health

The American Guidelines for Health recommends that children aged 5 to 18 years old get at least 60 minutes of exercise a day. This can reduce the risk of depression, obesity, and introduce a healthy lifestyle to them.

Having your child cycle to school as a daily activity will increase their physical as well as mental fitness.

The American Heart Association states that cycling will strengthen children’s bones and muscles. They will also perform better in school.

This means that as they grow up, they will live a longer, happier life, all due to cycling.

Spend Time Outdoors

Instead of spending time at home, bikes encourage children to spend time in the fresh air and surrounded by nature. As they get older, it can become a mode of transport for them that gives them independence and is much better for the environment compared to driving.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Bikes for Kids?

Choosing the best bikes for kids can be quite confusing. They come in a variety of colors and designs, and all look similar. First, you must choose which type of bike is suitable for your child to narrow down your search.

Once you’ve got that down, you need to think about what that bike may come with. Is your child young and in need of extra support like training wheels? Or have they already got the confidence and need a bike that can have different speeds? Here are a few of the features that may be included on the bike your child requires.


There are a variety of different sizes when it comes to the best bikes for kids. Make sure the bike you choose is the right size so your child can comfortably have both balls of the feet on the floor.


Smaller bikes for younger children usually have a “stop” or pedal brake, which is easier for younger children to get the hang of. When the bike becomes a wheel size of 20 inches or more, the bike will have the standard hand brake as well as the pedal brake.


Bikes are generally made out of steel or aluminum. It’s always better to go for a lighter bike made of aluminum to start with to make it easier to lift. However, steel is very durable and will last a long time.


If your neighborhood has lots of hills and you want your child to ride on the road, gears will become their best friend. It will help them ride steeper gradients and reach higher speeds with more ease.

Training Wheels

These will provide extra balance to the bike but can be easily moved when their confidence grows.


Not a big thing for you, but a big thing for your child. Things like baskets, bells, whistles, and kickstands are something to consider.

Fit for your Child

Bicycles have to pass specific requirements by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) before they are fit for use.

The best bikes for kids have undergone these tests as well as being designed to suit a child. Because of the smaller frame, it will bring more ease and less stress to your little one when riding.

My daughter started out on my old bike, but we soon realized it was the wrong decision. She needed one specifically for her that she could feel comfortable on.


One important thing to consider when looking for the best bikes for kids is how long it will last. Children grow up quickly, so make sure you get a bike that you are able to adjust as they grow.

Safety Tips When Using Bikes for Kids

Bicycle helmets should always be worn when riding bikes. They protect your head and your brain. Make sure that when riding, your child is using a properly fitting helmet.

Check the height of their bike before they get on and ride. Having the saddle at the wrong height can lead to an increased risk of knee injuries.

Follow all the rules for riding on the road and make sure that your child can be seen at all times. High visibility jackets are a perfect way to make sure that people will notice them, especially if you’re all cycling at night.

Trust your judgement. If you can see your son or daughter struggling, don’t push them too hard. Encourage them with positive reinforcement.

Here is a video to teach you how to ride safely on the road:

Best Bikes for Kids Reviews

1. RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike – Best All-Around Bike for Kids

The RoyalBaby Freestyle bike comes 95 percent assembled, meaning less time spent putting the product together and more time using it. This will be particularly good if your little one is eager to get out and go.

The detachable training wheels are designed to dampen noise which improves awareness and hearing. This feature is helpful as children can learn from a young age to listen for traffic and be cautious of cars.

This stylish bike has a combination of a front hand caliper brake as well as a rear coaster brake. This gives your child options to learn how to properly stop.

It comes with a full chain guard so your little ones won’t be able to poke or prod the chain and hurt themselves.


  • Combination of brakes to stop.
  • Easy and quick to assemble.
  • Quick-release seat post for easy adjusting.
  • Full chain guard for security.
  • Comes with water bottle, bell, kickstand, and heavy-duty training wheels.
  • Various colors and sizes from 12 inches to 20 inches in wheel height.


  • Made from steel so can be heavy for a small child to lift.
  • Decal stickers all over the bike with the words “Royal Baby” may put some kids off.

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2. JOYSTAR Kids Bike With Training Wheels – Best Value Bike for Kids

This bike by Joystar offers great value for money along with incredible quality. It comes with a quick-release to simplify adjusting the height. This allows the bike to grow with your child.

This simple model is made of premium steel, causing it to withstand the falls and bumps that your child may have while learning. This feature is useful if your little one is still a bit imbalanced on a bike.

With a single speed, this bike is perfect for flat roads and learning how to upgrade from a balance bike to a bigger bike. Choose from seven colors to suit your kiddo’s personality.


  • Minimum maintenance due to the durability of the frame.
  • DIY decal to personalize your bike.
  • Affordable price.
  • Quick-release seat.
  • Saddle with holder for learning balance without training wheels.


  • Heavy to lift.
  • Handlebars are not adjustable.

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3. Schwinn Koen Boy’s Bike – Best Modern Bike for Kids

This bike’s SmartStart frame has been designed to put your child in the ideal riding position. Due to this they will feel less wobbly and more in control. This is a good option if your child is struggling with the confidence of balancing on a bike.

The narrow pedal position matches your child’s hip size, making it easier to pedal and stay on the bike.

The Schwinn Koen includes both a rear coaster brake and front caliper brake to ease the transition to a bigger bike.

The handlebars have been made smaller to be the correct size of your child’s hand. This is helpful so they’re able to get a proper grip and learn how to use the bike correctly.


  • Includes detachable training wheels and saddle handle for towing.
  • SmartStart design frame.
  • Adjustable saddle and slack seat-tube angle to allow the bike to grow with your child.
  • Limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike.
  • Child-specific proportions for easier handling.


  • Colors are aimed towards the boys.
  • Kickstand not included to transition from training wheels.

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4. Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike for Kids – Best BMX Style Bike for Kids

With its Hi-Ten steel frame, the Legion LXS is incredibly durable and ready for adventure. This bike is a good choice for a child who loves to push themselves and cruise around.

It has steel linear pull brakes that provide precision control. These are great for having to brake quickly and efficiently.

This freestyle bike is designed for entry-level riders who are ready for their first BMX style bike. It’s a statement piece and will be sure to get your kid noticed out on the street.


  • Hi-Ten steel frame with incredible durability.
  • Hi-Ten steel handlebars and fork for quality steering.
  • Steel linear brakes.
  • BMX tires for grip.
  • Removable brake mounts.


  • No chain guard so not good for little fingers.
  • No training wheels so not suitable for younger riders.

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5. Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos – Best Luxury Bike for Kids

Although it’s one of the pricier bikes on the market, it offers the unique SureStop technology. This means one brake lever can control both the front and back brakes, allowing kids to stop 44 percent faster and preventing accidents over the handlebar.

Its lightweight steel design puts more control in your child’s balance as they ride. It also comes with a kickstand to remain upright when standing.

The Guardian Ethos is easy to assemble as it comes 99 percent professionally assembled. This means it can be up and usable in 10 minutes for fewer tantrums and more playtime.

With a lifetime frame warranty for as long as it’s in use, if anything is wrong with it, you are able to get it replaced immediately.


  • SureStop technology.
  • Lightweight steel design for more control.
  • 30-day trial.
  • Lifetime frame warranty.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Four styles (size/gears) and seven designs to choose from.


  • Smallest size is 16 inch—not suitable for younger children.
  • Pricey.

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6. Schwinn Petunia and Grit Steerable Kids Bikes – Best Bike for Youngsters

Another one from the renowned bicycle brand Schwinn, this bike has a detachable handle for you to push your child along if the need arises. This is a good option to consider if your child is just starting to learn how to ride and sometimes needs a helping hand.

The tool-free seat adjustment makes it easy to adjust the seat as your child grows. If you have two children that are sharing the bike, you can easily change the height without tools.

A fully enclosed chain guard helps kids stay clean and safe throughout their bike ride for maximum enjoyment.

The heavy-duty training wheels are detachable so when required, you can simply take them off and your child will be able to try to balance while you help from behind.


  • Quick-release seat.
  • Removable heavy-duty training wheels.
  • Fully enclosed chain guard for protection.
  • Parent push handle which can be detached.
  • Water bottle and holder included.


  • Only for beginner riders—if your child can balance, this is not the one for you.
  • Can grow out of it quickly.

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7. JOYSTAR 12″ & 14″ Kids Bike for 2-5 Years – Best Fun Bike for Kids

This bike will certainly catch everyone’s eyes in the neighborhood with its pastel colors and cool design. The funky patterns will help ease your child’s worries and replace them with fun.

Its quick-release adjustable seat means you can use the bike for a while. This saves you having to keep on replacing bikes because the seats don’t adjust.

There’s a coaster brake (foot brake) if you push back on the pedals which is good for a young rider. They are able to focus on getting used to the brake features in an easy way.

It comes with four reflectors to put along the frame, wheels and steering so that traffic may see the bike. This is incredibly good if you plan to ride in the dark or around sunset.


  • Comes with four reflectors so safe for night riding.
  • Enclosed chain guard prevents small fingers from getting hurt.
  • Sturdy, durable frame.
  • Removable training wheels for when they have mastered balance.
  • Coaster brake.


  • Aimed towards girls.
  • Only for beginner riders, not suitable if your child has passed this stage of riding.

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Let’s Go for a Ride

For an affordable, easy to use, and long term bike for kids, go for the RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike.

Not only does it come 95 percent assembled so there is less work for you to do and more time to play, it has training wheels and can help your children with road safety.

As well as coming with a variety of accessories like a kickstand and bell, it comes in various sizes so whatever age your child is it will be a perfect fit.

In my opinion, this is the top choice of the best bikes for kids. With a good supportive brake system, chain guard, and adjustable seating, your child may use it for many years.