Eager to know what breast milk storage bags get the winner’s spot? We recommend Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags. We do, however, have more options for you to choose from.

Unknown to most mums, your breast milk is more important than anything in your newborn’s life. With it being the main meal for your little one, you have to get creative in storing your liquid gold. This is where you’ll require the best breast milk storage bags.

Breast milk storage bags are containers you can use to store the extra milk you pump. Unlike regular food containers, these storage bags are BPS and BPA free. They are also pre-sterilized, ensuring that you can use the milk straight away.

Here are our top 8 best breast milk storage bags of this year:

  1. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags
  2. Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags
  3. GLAND Breastmilk Storage Bags
  4. Mommy’s Precious Breast Milk Storage Bags
  5. Kiinde Twist Pouch Breast Milk Storage Bags
  6. Dr. Brown’s Breastmilk Storage Bag
  7. NUK Simply Natural Seal n’ Go Breast Milk Bags
  8. Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Cups

Benefits of Breast Milk Storage Bags

Most new moms often wonder why they can’t use a ziplock grocery bag to store their extra breast milk. After all, you use them to store adult food, so why not breast milk? Here’s why the best breast milk storage bags are better:

  • They have designs that prevent any spills, contamination, or leaks of breast milk.
  • These bags are BPA-free and thicker than grocery store ziplock bags. Their heavy-duty nature enables you to thaw, freeze, and warm milk without removing it from the bag.
  • A breast milk storage bag is pre-sterilized. This allows you to store the breast milk directly without worrying about any contamination. It also minimizes the risk of the baby becoming sick from any food germs.
  • Unlike most food containers, pouring milk from a breast milk storage bag is easier.
  • They are more durable.

However, it’s essential to note that breast milk storage bags are not the same as bottle bags. Bottle bags are flimsier and are only useful for feeding your little one.

Types of Breast Milk Storage Bags

The two types of breast milk storage bags are:

Food-Grade Plastic Bags

These are storage bags that are BPA-free. This ensures that your child is safe from chemicals and keeps the bag from smelling like plastic. They usually come pre-sterilized and, because of this, are disposable and designed for one-time use only.

Storage Cups

These are special cups you can use to store breast milk. Unlike normal containers, these storage cups are designed for the purpose of storing breast milk. They are also dishwasher safe.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Breast Milk Storage Bags

Purchasing the best breast milk storage bags can be a challenge without the right knowledge. The things you should consider are:


The quantity of milk expressed is different for every mother. Therefore, look for a size that can fit the amount of breast milk you express. Most storage bag brands come with quantity markings, which makes it easy to choose one that fits all your milk in one go.


The second most important factor is the durability of the bag. You don’t want to lose any of your precious milk through a leak, do you? Look for storage bags with durable and soft materials, as well as being chemical-free.


Look for breast milk storage bags that are easy to use. It should also stand upright and easily pour milk without making a mess. The containers should also have sturdy seals that can help prevent any leaks from occurring.

Food-Grade Plastic

Ensure you select storage bags that are made from food-grade plastic. This ensures that the bag doesn’t leave the breast milk with the taste of plastic.


The last feature you should consider is whether you can pump milk directly into the storage bag. With such versatility, it makes the entire process easier.

For storage bags that don’t come with a specific breast pump, you can try mixing and matching. Try to check and see if the storage bags come with adapters you can use with your pump.


Faqs About Breast Milk Storage Bags

Here are some common questions moms ask about breast milk storage bags.

Can I Reuse Breast Milk Storage Bags?

No, not all breast milk storage bags can be used twice. And here are a few reasons you shouldn’t reuse these bags:

  • Most storage bags lose their pre-sterilization effects after the first use. It becomes challenging to sterilize them again due to the material.
  • Breast milk storage bags are budget-friendly and designed for one-time use only.
  • Reusing storage bags can increase the risk of breast milk contamination.

However, you can reuse breast milk storage cups, as they are easy to sterilize even after the first use.

How Long Can Breast Milk Last in a Storage Bag?

Experts like the CDC have provided safety regulations on how long to store breast milk in a storage bag. However, these guidelines depend on the use and storage of the milk.

Freshly pumped milk stored at room temperature can only be stored for four hours. If it’s refrigerated, it can last for four days. If it’s kept in the freezer, then the milk can last up to six to 12 months. For thawed breast milk kept at room temperature, it can last for one to two hours.

If it’s refrigerated, it can last for 24 hours. Remember, never freeze breast milk after thawing. For leftovers, make sure your little one drinks it within two hours.

How Should I Thaw Stored Breast Milk?

To thaw frozen breast milk, start by removing it from the freezer. Next, proceed by running the bag or cup through warm water. Remember, never use a microwave to warm milk while inside the storage bag or cup.

How Can I Tell If Stored Breast Milk Is Not Fresh?

Your child’s health is important, and no mum can serve their little one spoiled milk. Therefore, it’s important to check the state of the milk every time. Ensure you smell breast milk that exceeds its stay in the fridge for over three days. This will help minimize your chances of giving your little one spoiled milk.

Tips You Can Use to Handle Breast Milk Storage Bags Efficiently

  • Don’t overfill the bag as this can jeopardize its sealing capabilities.
  • Always place the storage bags at the back of your freezer. Storing it at the front shelf of your freezer can cause the breast milk to be exposed to different temperature variations.
  • Never mix two batches of milk in one bag to save space.

How to Use Breast Milk Storage Bags

Expressing and storing breast milk might seem overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will be a normal part of your routine.

The Best Breast Milk Storage Bags Reviews

1. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags – Best Overall Breast Milk Storage Bags

For mothers with a large breast milk production, finding the right storage bag that can fit every drop can be a challenge. However, the Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags help solve this problem. The first notable feature of this storage bag is its size, as it can hold a maximum of 6 ounces of breastmilk.

Another outstanding feature is its flat freeze functionality. You no longer have to worry about breast milk storage bags taking up too much room in your fridge. Its freeze flat feature takes up minimum space in your freezer.

Its double zipper seal reduces the possibility of milk leaking during thawing or removing air from the bag. This storage bag is also self-standing, meaning you don’t need anything to hold it during the thawing process. The reinforced double-sealed side seams ensure the bags are almost unbreakable.

The Lansinoh bag has a pourable spout that helps in pouring breast milk into feeding bottles with minimal mess. They come in a tissue-style dispenser that makes it easy to pull out the storage bags.


  • Can store a large quantity of milk.
  • Doesn’t smell or taste like plastic.
  • Prevents spills and leaks of breast milk.
  • Durable and strong with a double zipper seal and reinforced side seams.


  • Mums can’t pump milk directly into the storage bag.
  • It might take some time to open these bags.


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2. Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags – Best Breast Milk Storage Bags for Travel

Moms can sometimes find themselves at a loss on how to transport their breast milk during those family vacations. The Medela breast milk storage may help with this problem. These milk storage bags are an excellent way to transport breast milk wherever you go.

It’s made from a durable-layer material with a built-in zipper seal that ensures the bag doesn’t leak. It can also handle being jostled around a purse or diaper bag. The bag is pre-sterilized, making it safe to store milk for baby away in a safe and germ-free environment.

The Medela storage bag has a lay-flat profile designed to ensure it saves space in your storage. This feature also allows the quick thawing of the breast milk.

Another bonus is the included resealable transport pouch that enables you to carry unused storage bags for use outside your home. This pouch also makes it easy to keep the bags organized and clean, ready for whenever you need to pump.

In terms of size, this bag can store 6 ounces of breastmilk. These bags are also BPA-free, and one box comes with 100 storage bags.


  • Perfect for travel.
  • Double zipper and double-layer material that offers you double leak-proof protection during transportation.
  • The storage bag can lay flat or stand up.
  • Includes a travel pouch.


  • The bag is not recyclable.


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3. GLAND Breastmilk Storage Bags – Best Breast Milk Storage Bags for Freezer

Every mom’s desire is to ensure that their newborn is provided with chemical-free breast milk. The GLAND breastmilk storage bags can help with that. They’re 100 percent chemical-free and CPSIA compliant, making them freezer safe. They have a convenient pour spout that makes it easy to pour the milk into nursing bottles.

The bag comes with a double zipper-lock that guarantees no spills or leaks. Another outstanding feature is its durable plastic, which helps keep your liquid gold fresh during the thawing and freezing process. This plastic material allows you to thaw the milk directly in water without fear of leaks.

The GLAND breastmilk storage bags have double-sealed seams that help give the bags durability. These seams also help the bags stand on their own even when you fill them with breast milk. This self-standing ability makes it convenient for refrigerator storage, as you can store them flat or while standing.

Another excellent feature is its compatibility with most brands of breast milk pumps. Attach the pump’s adapter to the bag and express it directly into the bag. It also has a size of 8 ounces, making it perfect for storing large quantities of breast milk.


  • Usable with most breast milk pumps.
  • Hygienically pre-sterilized.
  • Comes with a convenient pour spout.
  • Holds 8 ounces of milk.


  • You have to purchase the breast pump adapter separately.


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4. Mommy’s Precious Breast Milk Storage Bags – Best Large Quantity Breast Milk Storage Bags

Moms who pump large quantities of milk want a storage bag that can hold all their milk. The size of Mommy’s Precious storage bags makes this possible with a capacity of 8 ounces. They’re also free from BPA and BPS.

You also don’t have to worry about your baby’s safety, as the bags are pre-sterilized. This means you can use them straight out of the box. It also has a safety seal that prevents germs or harmful bacteria from entering.

Another cool feature is its accurate measurement lines that help assess the amount of milk you can pour into each bag. Its double zipper lock feature makes closure and freezing easy. This, along with the thick and stiff material of the bag, guarantees no spills or leaks.

These storage bags have a perforated line that makes it easy to tear it open in a straight line. It comes with a convenient design that can help save up on storage space as they freeze flat. This brand has a count of 110 bags, which is slightly more than other brands offer.


  • Can store large quantities of milk at once.
  • The storage bags are recyclable.
  • Durable and won’t leak.
  • Accurate measurements.


  • The plastic might feel a little brittle, especially while in the freezer.


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5. Kiinde Twist Pouch Breast Milk Storage Bags – Best Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags

When it comes to versatility, the Kiinde Twist Pouch bag tops the list. These bags are perfect for pumping, storing, and freezing. It has a unique design that enables the bag to easily collect, store, and feed your baby using the same pouch. This eliminates the risky and messy transfer of breast milk.

The pouches will twist on to almost all brands of breast pumps so that you can pump straight into the bag and get the job done efficiently. When your baby is hungry, use the Active Latch nipple or another nipple and feed straight from the bag.

Another useful feature is its secure threaded cap that helps eliminate any spills or leaks when using the bag. These Kiinde Twist storage bags have a visible surface that makes it easy to label the quantity of milk.

This bag can store 6 ounces of milk at a go, making it suitable for moms looking for a large capacity storage bag.


  • Can be used for various purposes.
  • Pouches twist-lock onto most breast pumps.
  • The pouch and cap are recyclable.
  • Cap instead of zip lock reduces chances of leaking.


  • The bags take up more space in the fridge or freezer due to the caps.


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6. Dr. Brown’s Breastmilk Storage Bag – Best Durable Breast Milk Storage Bags

Almost everyone hates using complicated appliances, and this storage bag from Dr. Brown’s promises to keep things simple. It has a straightforward and simple design that makes it easy to use. It features an exterior trim and super-thick material that makes the bags durable and helps cushion them when dropped.

Another cool feature is its double zip seals that help keep air out of the bags and prevent leaks. For your baby’s safety, the storage bag is pre-sterilized, making it ideal for immediate use.

Dr. Brown’s bags can also lie flat, and this allows you to store more bags in a small space. Each pack comes with 100 storage bags with a capacity of 6 ounces.


  • Easy to use.
  • Can store a maximum capacity of 6 ounces.
  • Pre-sterilized, making the bags perfect for immediate use.
  • Double seams that prevent leaks.


  • These bags were not designed to work with pump adapters.


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7. NUK Simply Natural Seal n’ Go Breast Milk Bags – Best Leak-free Breast Milk Storage Bags

When it comes to your liquid gold, every drop counts. The NUK Simply Natural Seal n’ Go storage bags guarantee that no drop is lost, thanks to its 100 percent leak-free design. Another excellent feature that ensures no leaks occur is its double zipper seal.

It has a top seal that makes it easy to open the bag without tampering with the contents inside. Its gusset-free bottom helps to ensure further that no leaks can occur from the storage bag’s corners.

The NUK storage bags are self-standing, enabling you to stack them in your freezer or stand them on your countertop.

The bag’s waterproof and oxygen barrier seal keeps the breast milk from watering down during the thawing process. Its pour spout prevents you from spilling milk when transferring it to a feeding bottle. The storage bag is BPA-free and pre-sterilized, making it safe for your little one.


  • Self-standing bottom.
  • Pour spout prevents spills.
  • Leak-free.
  • Easy to get rid of the excess air out of the storage bag.


  • Not recyclable.
  • The bags might be a little thinner compared to other storage bags.


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8. Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Cups – Best Natural Breast Milk Storage Bags

Lastly, we have Philips AVENT Breast Milk storage cups. Unlike the other products on the list, these are reusable cups for storing breast milk.

These cups can store a maximum of 6 ounces. They’re also dishwasher safe and BPA-free, making them safe to store milk for your little one.

Another incredible feature is its versatility. You can use these storage cups to express breast milk, store, and feed baby from the same cup, so you don’t have to keep transferring breast milk into different containers.

It comes with a leak-proof lid with an outer tread twist that helps secure the seal and prevents leaks. The tread twist also makes the cup safe for transport. To stay organized, you can track the contents and dates of breast milk by writing on both the lid and the cup.

For easy storage when not in use, you can stack up the lids and cups. One box of these storage cups includes 10 cups and lids.


  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Leak-proof.
  • Can be used to express, store, and feed baby at the same time.
  • Reusable.


  • You will have to sterilize the cup before using it.


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The overall winner has to be the Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags. They prevent spills and leaks, thanks to the pourable and double zipper seal. They work well in the fridge and freezer and can be stacked to save space. The thawing process is easy, and they don’t have the smell or taste of plastic.

Pumping and storing breast milk doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated when you use quality breast milk storage bags such as these.