Don’t have time to peruse our list? Our most recommend the best diaper bag for 2020 is the Diaper Bag Travel Backpack by HaloVa.

One of the most important pieces of baby gear, a diaper bag lets you carry the essentials to parent on the go. They come in all shapes, sizes and styles—there’s sure to be one to suit you on our list of the best diaper bags.

We share the benefits of having one, features to consider and the ultimate checklist for what goes inside. Lastly, we let you in on our top picks.

Here is our picklist for the top 9 best diaper bags in this year:

  1. Diaper Bag Travel Backpack by HaloVa

  2. Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

  3. Diaper Bag Backpack by Hafmall

  4. HSD Diaper Bag Backpack for Dad by HighSpeedDaddy

  5. “Daddy’s Little Project” Diaper Bag by Lillian Rose

  6. Central Station Diaper Bag by SoHo Designs

  7. Messenger Diaper Bag by Skip Hop

  8. Leather Diaper Bag Backpack by Miss Fong

  9. Diaper Bag Baby Tote Bag by O’beanie


What Are the Benefits of a Diaper Bag?

Conjure up an image of mom and a baby out and about. Your imagination probably takes you to a serious juggling act that only parents can pull off. Baby in one arm, supplies in the other and trying to shop at the same time.

A diaper bag can help with this and offer other benefits to boot:


A diaper bag is hands-free, giving you the chance to deal with your baby and whatever task is in front of you. It conveniently keeps all of your little one’s stuff together and out of your arms.

Place your supplies inside and secure them by closing the zipper. Depending on the style, it may be worn over the shoulder or as a backpack.

Organized to the “T”

Any seasoned mama knows that organization is key to staying sane with babies and toddlers. When you’re not at home, this is even more important.

Ruffling through your personal tote is hard enough without a child in tow. Moms in mind containing convenient pockets and dividers when they use diaper bags.

Your outside and inside compartments are typically assigned to specific items so you can easily locate everything. Some bags are geared towards young babies with special features for bottle accessories.

Others take a more broad approach with multi-purpose sections to store items as you desire. From diapers and wipes to a spare toy or snacks for the road—everything can go right in.

Lots of Storage

Some are also designed for mom’s stuff too. It may include pockets devoted to keys, a wallet and possibly even a tablet. Keep this in mind if you want to head out with just one bag, as opposed to your purse and your baby’s bag.

Depending on the style, you’ll find big bucket compartments that may or may not be divided. Most are quite spacious, offering ample room for anything extra you want to add at the last minute.

What to Look for When Choosing Your Best Diaper Bag

You want a diaper bag that will have your back, wherever you are and with whatever activity you’re doing.

Avoid the temptation to pick a bag solely for its cute design. Believe me, there are plenty of eye-catching styles on the market. But it won’t do you any good if it’s not the right size or is uncomfortable to wear.

Top Styles

We focus on the two most popular styles of diaper bags: backpacks and totes.


Backpacks are relatively new on the diaper-bag scene and we’re glad they exist. For one, the weight is distributed evenly and your back will thank you.

They’re also more secure. Imagine chasing after a toddler with a giant tote bag swinging from your shoulder?

To top it off, they look cool. It’s not everything but it helps. Many backpack diaper bags work great for traveling with multiple carry options.


Tote-style diaper bags are a more traditional choice. They’re convenient and have that throw-anything-in appeal. Many come with plenty of organizational features.

You may be used to carrying this style of bag since the design closely resembles a standard purse. They also make for easy storage and can be pushed out of the way when need be. Backpacks tend to be more on the bulky side.

Top Features

When it comes to features, sort your priorities accordingly. Most bags won’t have it all, but the best diaper bags will cover you on most things.


A mom with a newborn will need a different diaper bag than an outdoorsy mom with a toddler, for example. You want a bag that serves the needs of you and your baby:

  • What about the milk? Look for a diaper bag that caters to this. The best diaper bags for breastfeeding moms have insulated pockets keep milk fresh while you’re on the go.
  • Do you live in a city? It can be rough as a pedestrian with a baby and usually entails a lot of walking and public transport. Most city mamas favor backpacks for this reason.
  • Are you an adventurous type? Some diaper bags feature a waterproof design and a place for a water bottle, which is useful if you’re sporty.
  • Two children in tow? If this isn’t your first rodeo, space will be of utmost importance. Think about what each of your kids needs when you’re out and buy something to cover that.
  • How long should it last? You could be looking for a bag to cover infancy, the early toddler years or both. Check options that let you arrange things differently over time, with removable compartments, for example.

Easy to Clean

Whether it’s from a spilled bottle or soiled clothes, you want to ensure your bag is easy to clean. Some are machine washable and others are good with a wipe-down.

Wouldn’t you rather your essentials inside not get soaked at the sight of rain? A waterproof feature would be useful if you live in a climate with unpredictable weather.

We recommend choosing a diaper bag with tough material that’s not too light in color. Any mess will be discreet and the fabric will withstand a good washing.


The bag is filled with your baby’s stuff, but they’re definitely not carrying it. Get a diaper bag that’s going to be comfortable to wear. Otherwise, you may regret having to lug it around.

If you’re sharing the diaper-bag duty with others, make sure it works for them too. Dad may be better off wearing a backpack. A babysitter could probably handle a tote if it’s not an all-day affair.

We recommend trying it on in the store. Don’t forget that once you’re actually using it, the bag will fill with baby stuff.

How do the straps feel? Will the bag distribute weight evenly or lump it off to one side? Are there adjustability features to fit multiple people?

The best diaper bags for travel will offer extra comfort for this reason. If you travel frequently, this is crucial. Imagine yourself trekking through the airport. Avoid an aching back and choose a bag that’s best for your body.


Then there’s the extras—all the little features that might stick out to you that don’t otherwise fall into the categories above. The best quality diaper bags may include the following:

  • Stroller clips: This handy add-on allows you to attach your diaper bag to your stroller’s handle. You won’t have to carry it or take up space in the storage compartment below.
  • Changing pad: Some bags include a changing pad, which is a convenient feature if you’ve got lots of diapers to go through.
  • Insulated pockets: Not only for bottles, but they keep other snacks and drinks cool when you’re on the go.

How to organize a diaper bag?

If you are struggling with organizing well your diaper bag, here we have found a video to show you how:

Diaper Bag Checklist

A diaper bag is only as good as what’s inside. Don’t leave anything behind:

  • Disposable baby wipes.
  • Change of clothes.
  • Travel-size hand sanitizer.
  • Small cloths for burping and otherwise.
  • A few plastic bags for soiled clothes.
  • Portable changing pad.
  • Diaper rash cream.
  • Diapers. One for each hour you’re out, plus a few extra.
  • Snacks for older babies and toddlers.
  • Eating accessories like a bib and feeding spoon.
  • Sippy cup or bottles, depending on child’s age.
  • A throw-over blanket for breastfeeding or naps.
  • An extra pacifier if your baby uses one.
  • Small stuffed animal or toy for moments baby needs to be occupied.

Best Diaper Bags Reviews

Are you ready for our reveal? Curious to know what the best diaper bags of 2020 are? What about the best diaper bags for dads? We didn’t leave them out.

1. Diaper Bag Travel Backpack by HaloVa – Best Quality Diaper Bag

Our favorite on the list, this backpack diaper bag is both stylish and functional. The bag is made from water-resistant Oxford fabric that’s well-suited for regular use.

The bag unzips straight along the top and stands up on its own. This sturdy structure allows you to see what’s inside easily. The main compartment is large and surrounded by five different pockets along the edges.

There’s a pocket for wet clothes, one for diapers and wipes and other small pockets to be used however you choose. On the front side is a large zippered area that’s insulated and offers three separate bottle holders. The back outside portion also has a bucket pocket for extra storage.

Because of its sleek design, it can be used as an all-in-one bag if you want to throw your necessities in there too.

The company offers a 90-day, 100 percent return policy if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. There’s a lifetime warranty should anything go wrong where quality is concerned.


  • Made from water-resistant fabric.
  • Ample storage and organization.
  • Sleek design makes perfect all-in-one bag.


  • Not much padding through the straps.

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2. Diaper Bag Backpack by Bag Nation – Best Backpack Diaper Bag

Understated in style, this backpack comes in black or grey with plenty of outer pockets for things you need to reach with speed.

A tissue compartment is built-in to the side and there’s a convenient insulated bottle holder on the other side. Along the front you have hearty pockets suitable for a small stuffed teddy, diapers or other supplies.

On the inside, there’s enough storage compartments to equal 14 for the whole bag. Yes, you read that correctly. This backpack means business when it comes to organization.

The bag features durable stitching and is made from water-resistant twill polyester.

A back portion contains ventilated mesh for whoever is wearing it.

The extra goodies aren’t left out either. There are straps so it can easily be hooked to the stroller, taking a load off your back and freeing up the basket below. Furthermore, the company included a removable sundry bag and changing pad.


  • Durable material.
  • Ventilated backside for comfort.
  • Nice extras included.


  • Customer service may be slow to respond.

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3. Diaper Bag Backpack by Hafmall – Best Diaper Bag for Travel

Are you an on-the-go family that requires thoughtful gear to make transportation less of a nightmare?

Made from durable polyester with quality zippers, both the inside and outside are water-resistant with plenty of portability options. Wear it as a backpack with adjustable straps, carry it by the sturdy handle up top or strap it to the stroller.

The bag comes in a few different colors including your standard gray and black, but a pretty pink and bright teal blue are also available.

It doesn’t sell itself short on organization either with 13 pockets. Options include dry and wet pockets and a variety of elastic units along the inside edge.

The bottle pockets are insulated and the mommy pocket contains a keychain, so no rummaging for keys at the bottom of your bag.

A useful tissue holder is found on the outside of the unit and there’s space for a water bottle or umbrella.


  • Different colors available.
  • Great for on-the-go lifestyle.
  • Variety of carry options.


  • Not machine washable.

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4. HSD Diaper Bag Backpack for Dad by HighSpeedDaddy – Best Diaper Bag for Two

Let dad take over those explosive diapers when you’re out and about. He’ll be prepared to with this tactile-style backpack.

The company claims the bag is large enough to fit supplies for two kids so if that’s a requirement for you, pay attention.

It comes in multiple colors including a camo print and offers an array of comfort features. Contoured shoulder straps, a waist belt and a sternum belt ensure support. It has back padding with foam cushions and a vented air design.

There are multiple outside pockets—one on top for easy reaching of baby wipes and another one for smaller items such as creams, keys, etc. Two others are large and insulated to keep those bottles drinkable.

The bag opens all the way around so you can either access it while standing it up or laying it flat on the back portion. Inside, the main compartment is quite roomy with a thin pocket along one side and a laptop pocket on the other side.


  • Storage space for two.
  • Multiple comfort features.
  • Stroller straps and changing pad included.


  • Contains PVC which is a concern for some.

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5. “Daddy’s Little Project” Diaper Bag by Lillian Rose – Best Diaper Bag for Dads

Diaper bags don’t get more daddy-friendly than this. This diaper bag is another one for dad and its clever design makes that obvious.

It’s built like a tool kit you’d have strapped around your waist in the workshop. Tan in color, it has both a shoulder strap and carrying handle. Along the side, it reads “daddy’s little project”.

This unique and endearing bag would be a wonderful gift at a baby shower and is sure to cause a scene.

There are net pockets on each outside end and sturdier pockets along the long sides, large enough to hold bottles, wipes and towels. The bag is relatively narrow on the inside compared to others on our list.

It holds the bare necessities including a change of clothes, diapers and a snack. A small pocket is sewn into the side for your essentials like a phone.


  • Unique, daddy-friendly design.
  • Two ways to carry: handle or strap.
  • Hook-and-loop closure on top.


  • On the small side.

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6. Central Station Diaper Bag by SoHo Designs – Best Diaper Bag for Breastfeeding Moms

This super cute tote has cool mom written all over it. There are a few designs to choose from including stripes and a dark gray embroidered option. All colors are subdued yet stylish.

The company claims this bag is the perfect size for parents measuring approximately 12 inches by 12 inches by 6 inches.

A padded changing station is included along with a variety of removable organizers. One of those is a single insulated bottle holder that zips up, great for hygiene and avoiding spills.

The front pockets are suitable for mommy’s on-the-go necessities, with six stretchy compartments lining the inside portion of the tote.

With 100 percent polyester lining, the bag is simple to wipe down. It’s machine washable on a gentle cycle when a deep clean is needed.


  • Stylish tote.
  • Variety of removable compartments.
  • The zippered bottle holder is a favorite.


  • Unsupportive carry strap may be uncomfortable.

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7. Messenger Diaper Bag by Skip Hop – Best Messenger Diaper Bag

It’s the only messenger-style diaper bag on our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s without merit. This is a well-liked option among moms and we can see why.

Your standard solid colors are available. However, we can’t help but swoon over the funky choices. There are plenty of bold designs including “black swirl” and “prism”.

Wear the bag over your arm or use the long strap to wear it across you diagonally. Conversely, the strap could also be worn over your shoulder. It has a slip-on padded portion to give you some support.

This messenger bag has 10 pockets in total including mesh side pockets, a front pocket and an easy-access tech pocket for mom or dad.

There’s no need to carry a purse along. Aside from the parent pocket, the bag itself has plenty of space for tossing in what’s needed. So long as you only have one child.

The bag is large enough on the inside to hold a 15-inch laptop if necessary. No need? More space for your baby supplies then.


  • Skip Hop changing pad included.
  • Large inside compartment.
  • Funky, bold designs.


  • Quality of material may be in question.

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8. Leather Diaper Bag Backpack by Miss Fong – Best Leather Diaper Bag

This bucket-style PU leather backpack comes in nine different color options. Unique choices include olive green for the earthy mama and other pretty shades.

The inside portion is 100 percent waterproof while others on this list so far are only water-resistant. It’s a smart bag that should last you a while—keeping everything inside nice and dry at the same time.

A unique feature on this backpack is the functional back portion. When zipped it acts as a standard pocket would. When unzipped, it slides over the top of a suitcase handle, great for traversing airports.

There are six outer pockets and seven on the inside including an insulated bottle portion with enough room for three bottles.

The bag can be carried three different ways: by the carry handle on top, using the backpack straps or by attaching the adjustable shoulder strap. All of these options provide multiple users the chance to pick their favorite.

Include a changing pad.


  • Cool colors to choose from.
  • PU leather creates a chic look.
  • Multiple carry options.


  • Not machine washable.

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9. Diaper Bag Baby Tote Bag by O’beanie – Best Tote Diaper Bag

High-quality fastenings and reinforced straps on this bag make it a quality choice. The spacious interior only makes it that much better. It’s the widest option on our list.

The french-strip design is cute but not too loud, and it could pass as a bag for mom or dad. This tote looks similar to a small weekender in style with a thick carrying strap and leather accents.

A collection of outside pockets are zippered or Velcroed closed. Your standard elastic compartments line the inside of this tote which is waterproof. A zippered portion is available as well for essentials you don’t want getting lost.

Out of all the options on the list, this tote resembles a more traditional diaper bag the most.

One thing to keep in mind is that there’s no insulated unit on this one. If you need to keep bottles at a specific temperature, add your own separate compartment inside. However, the company didn’t forget a waterproof changing pad.


  • Cute style.
  • Plenty of pockets available.
  • Quality material.


  • No insulated area.

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Our top favorite goes to the Diaper Bag Travel Backpack by HaloVa.

The backpack has nearly everything a mom could want. We like that it doesn’t shout “diaper bag”, like some of the more obvious options. The company is thoughtful with their pocket placement and insulated unit for bottles too.

Ready to choose your preferred choice from our list of the best diaper bags?