If parents in a hurry to figure out what is the best high chair for small spaces, we recommend “Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair” as the best one.

Best high chair for small spaces has critical demand for the size, function, user-friendly, portability, and designing of a baby high chair. Even if you are living in ample spaces, to use a compact high chair may be a good choice as well.

In this article, we have reviewed 6 best high chair for small spaces:

  1. Inglesina Fast Table Chair – Award-Winning Convenient Baby High Chair
  2. Chicco Caddy Hook-On Chair, Nature
  3. Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster, Elephant Love
  4. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair, Luminosity
  5. JOOVY Nook High Chair, Black
  6. hiccapop Omniboost Travel Booster Seat with Tray for Baby

Benefits of Using a Baby High Chair for Small Spaces

Having Fun During the Feeding Time and Playing Time

Are you going to escape buying a baby high chair for your little if you living in a compact room? Even though you can save several bucks for buying a baby high chair, but you are missing so much fun with your baby as they growing.

A suitable compact high chair not only solves the problem of limited space but also provide a chance for parents to spent a sweet time with your baby.

Saving Parents Time

When your little one able to sit unaided, a baby high chair can help parents leaving away for a short while. That because babies can play alone with a high chair while parents are leaving, but do not leave for more than 10 minutes. And parents can do some simple housework during the absence.

Education Children

Parents may teach something while they feeding or playing with little one. Such as how to use a spoon to ditch food? How to make some toys sound and moving? All these interactions are helping to develop the intelligence and brain growth of your baby.

What to look for while choosing the best high chair for small spaces


Apparently, the smaller size of the baby high chair, the small spaces will they occupy. There are some features and designs are directly related to the size of the high chair.


High chairs come with the adjustable feature can let parents change the size or form of the high chair to adapt in a tiny room. Some baby high chairs can be adjusted for the height or remove some attached accessories, such as food tray or store pouches. This feature is an ideal choice for small spaces.


Foldable feature refers to the high chair can be collapsed easily for storage and carry. This feature will allow parents to save much space when storing the high chair in the compact room, and easily on the go with a high chair.


If parents are challenging to use a high chair in the narrow spaces, why not consider taking the high chair to somewhere that more spacious places? Such as courtyard, or living room, why just limited to the kitchen.

Or parents like to travel with your baby, portable features of the high chair will really let parents easily to transport.

Safety Guarantee

A safety baby high chair must at least come with the harness. What makes the difference is the material and structure of the harness.

During our test, we found that parents much more likely to choose the fabric type of 5-point harness, and the harness must be buckled well.

Sturdy Structure

The structure of the high chair is highly related to the safety issue as well. A sturdy structure should be made of aluminum or wooden material. In current high chair market, most are made of aluminum for mainframe part and plastic for accessories. This mixed material structure is not a big problem as long as the mainframe is not made of plastic.


To achieve durable performance requires the high chair to use like a robust even years later. The material of canvas, structures, and other accessories are greatly effecting on the lifetime of the high chair you will choose.


To decide with a comfortable high chair without sacrifice the cost is an ideal consideration for any parents. Padded seat with 3-point harness properly buckled, and skin-friendly seat material, are all the factors to make sure babies have a comfortable experience with the high chair.

Easy to Use

An ideal high chair should easy to assemble and user-friendly. If a product let parents spent too much time on studying how to use it, then that is not a good product.

During the process of using the products, all designs conform to the users’ habit, no strange designs. For instance, parents can easily put in and out of baby from the seat is an important feature in terms of user-friendly.

Easy to Maintenance

However, parents spent not only money but also precious time on the take care of children with high chairs. Therefore, we highly recommend parents choose the high chair comes with easy maintenance.

That is being said, easy to clean, easy to replace or repair some accessories in needed. Moreover, the cost of maintenance should reasonable.

Best High Chair for Small Spaces 2020

Best Compact High Chair

1. Inglesina Fast Table Chair – Award-Winning Convenient Baby High Chair

This is an ideal compact high chair for small spaces thanks to its minimum size, lightweight and collapsed flat features. Very modern and sleek outlook give parents easy recognize among the outside.

Sturdy structure and firm seat feature allow it fits for children from 6 to 36 months old and hold up to 37 pounds. Durable usage accompanies with children growing up.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair features for its screw tight installation. It conforms most standard table thick up to 3.5 inches. By screwing up or down with each arm to get snugly attachment or loosen up with the table without any scratching on the surface. Both new moms and experienced parents can easily set up all things within 5 minutes. The most benefit of this design is saving space and keep baby sit comfortably.

The mainframe is covered by fine fabric which added more safety and comfort to your baby. The seatback can be adjustable to a proper height for your kiddo, and the back edge is padded to protect baby well.

Every parent may have a headache with the cleaning problem of the child. Children can make stains at any time and anywhere. Therefore, an easy clean high chair with a 3-point harness is an adore for parents. With easily removable fabric seat cover, parents can wipe or wash the high chair whenever it needs.

Behind the seat is a storage pouch with cover for store toys, keys or handphones stuff. Saving parents hands for feeding.

Another user-friendly design is the integrated carry bag underneath the seat, once fold up the high chair, parents can easily transport and store it.

Pro Tips:

  1. Distance from the screw tighten underneath the table to the edge of the table is approx 2.75 – 5 inches.
  1. Additional information about how to remove the seat cover for clean:

Step 1. Unzip the cover for each arm, and take out the two arms.

Step 2. Slide the back metal insert out and take out the base plastic to come off the seat cover.


  • Sturdy and durable performance
  • Easy setup and user-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Super lightweight for carrying
  • Fold up flat for storage and saving space
  • With a rear back pouch for store baby stuff
  • Compatible with food tray
  • Built-in carry bag
  • Easy portable to anywhere


  • A gap between the table and high chair that may leak food
  • Food tray doesn’t come with the package

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2. Chicco Caddy Hook-On Chair, Nature

For parents who suffering from small spaces with a baby high chair, the Chicco Caddy Hook-On Chair is an ideal solution for this kind of parents.

It designed to be hook on the table, fit well with the tables up to 5.5 inches thick. Parents can easily screw the clamp to tighten or loosen the chair. All things are set up within 5 minutes. In addition, the soft grip arms to protect the table surface well, without leaving any scratching.

Even if it features compact size and lightweight, it can hold up to babies from 6 months to 37 pounds. That’s because of the sturdy and durable performance of the chair. Compact size and lightweight feature let parents can easily store and travel with this chair.

Children easily dirty the chair after each use, therefore, the cleaning problem challenged every parent for more patience and technic. However, this high chair made of fabric material for seat parts, it is easy to remove for both hand washing and machine washing.

The padded seat with 3-point harness and extendable high back to give more comfort and safety for your baby. Easy to fold up for storage and carry.

Pro Tips:

To fold up flat the chair just press the 2 buttons which inside the fabric on the arms in and they will rotate until the whole thing chair is flat then can fold up the chair for storage.


  • Hook on design for easy setup and sturdy performance
  • Portable for traveling
  • Fit well with most table up to 5.5 inches thick
  • Removable seat cover for easy clean
  • Padded seat with a 3-point harness for more comfort and safety
  • Several colors for more option
  • Reasonable price


  • Not fit for any food tray
  • There is a gap between the table and chair that may leak the food
  • A little difficult to fold up flat

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Best Booster High Chair

3. Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster, Elephant Love

This booster chair features for its super saving space and ultra lightweight for carrying. It fits for baby from 6 months to 33 pounds.

Designed to be 2 in 1 function to let parents diversity this chair for their special needs. When it without a snack tray, the adjustable height design makes it becomes a booster seat for toddler. And it can be a feeding seat when attached to the food tray. Provide more options for parents according to the baby’s need.

Another practical feature is the removable machine-washable seat cushion. It can be easily taken out for clean. The padded seat with an adjustable 3-point harness added more comfort and safety for your baby.

There are 2 straps from bottom and seat back to fix the chair in place, this is to well-protect for children who are bouncy and active when they seating in the chair.

It comes with the click in installation and easy fold up feature let parents store and transportation without any difficulty. Parents also can travel with this 2 in 1 booster seat to anywhere.

Compatible with food tray to give a separate place for your child to playing and eating. This chair is CPSIA and JPMA certified to ensure safety.

Pro Tips:

  1. Taking out the food tray before folding.
  2. The height from seat to the top of the back about 27 inches.
  3. Parents can add an additional pad to the seat and back area for more protection.


  • Diversity usage for baby’s different needs
  • Safety and durable ability
  • Ultra lightweight for traveling and storage
  • Easy to clean and fold up
  • Saving space for small spaces
  • Padded seat with adjustable 3-point harness added safety and comfort
  • Several colors for more option
  • Reasonable price


  • Some parents complained about the difficult to come off and reattach the food tray
  • Snack tray sold separately

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Best Space Saver High Chair

4. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair, Luminosity

This is a compact and multi-function baby high chair for small spaces. It can be used in the dining room, chair, and ground. With a sturdy structure, it can hold a baby from 6 months to 50 pounds.

With 3 adjustable recline position, parents can simply lift up the rear back button to find a proper position for your baby. Moreover, by pressing the rear inserter to simply adjust the height of the back, or remove the extra back tray to convert to a toddler booster seat instantly. this feature allows the chair to convert from a feeding chair to a toddler booster seat super easily.

In addition, the back padded cover seat provides more comfort and safety for baby’s head and neck when they reclined for eating milk. Just simply attach the padded cover to the seat back and it is can be easily take off for machine washing.

When the chair attached the seat cover, there is a 5-point harness to tighten your baby. It can secure your baby with the 3-point straps when goes to toddler booster model.

The snack tray comes with a built-in cup holder, and their special design of “FastFinder Link” let parents loop up the toys, towels, bibs for baby easy to access. This combined features provided more convenience to take care of the baby.

The more fantastic thing is the snack tray can be removed by one hand and for dishwashing. This feature can free of moms one hand to hold your baby, really added more convenience for busy moms.

Pro Tips:

To find out if this baby high chair fit for your chairs, here is the dimension of the base for parents reference:

Width: about 13.5 inches

Depth: about 15 inches


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Have more option with 3 adjustable recline position and 2 adjustable height
  • Easy attach and detach padded seat cover for more protection
  • Compatible with snack tray
  • One hand removable snack tray for dishwashing
  • Seat with 5-point or 3-point harness for properly tighten baby
  • Easy convert to a booster seat
  • Several colors for more option
  • Reasonable price


  • Replacements are sold separately

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Best Folding High Chair

5. JOOVY Nook High Chair, Black

It comes without much assemble, just pick out from the box to unfold it, then it ready to use. Super easy for parents and save time to learning how to assemble the chair.

Fashionable and sleek outlook make this full-size high chair not taken up too much space, it can fit well in small space.

With 4 stable legs to support the whole chair, it can hold up a baby from 6 months to 50 pounds max. Each leg with rubber feet to prevent it scratch on the floor.

The most outstanding feature of this high chair is the swing open snack tray. It can be opened with one hand while parents hold your baby with another hand, especially fit for busy moms.

In addition, the food tray with 4 adjustable positions function allows parents to adjust the distance between the baby and the tray edge. This feature offers adjustable room as the baby grows up.

Moreover, the food tray comes with a cover which is easily removed for dishwashing. With a tray cover, parents no need to clean up the whole food tray. Saving moms time and provided more convenience for cleaning.

Another impressive feature is the padded leatherette seat with adjustable 5-point harness. Looks luxury and stable. The whole padded seat cover can be removed for machine-washable. Added more comfort and safety for baby and convenience for moms to clean up the seat.

By pressing the inserter behind the back, parents can easily fold up the chair. It keeps flat and standing, saving room for storage and easy to transport.

Pro Tips:

The new version of this high chair comes with wheels to move on the floor. But parents need to tilt the chair back nearly 30 degrees for the rollers to touch the ground. Then, you can maneuver it around.


  • Stylish appearance to highlight your baby’s taste
  • Stable structure to support the whole chair
  • Compact size for small room
  • Swing opening food tray for busy moms
  • Food tray with cover for dishwashing cleaning
  • 4 adjustable food tray position to fit for big toddler
  • Easy collapse and saving space for storage
  • Padded leatherette seat with adjustable 5-point straps for comfort and safety
  • Several colors for more option



  • Can’t recline
  • A little bit difficult to clean the seat chamber

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Best Travel High Chair

6. hiccapop Omniboost Travel Booster Seat with Tray for Baby

Thanks to its creative design that makes this seat to be the best travel high chair. This baby chair is super lightweight and effortless to fold up, ideally for using in picnic, beach, garden, or traveling with a stroller.

It comes with 4 legs with an extra “duck feet” individually, which to prevent tip over and increase the stability on the uneven surfaces, such as sand and grass. This feature gives parents more options for the use of occasions.

With a swivel open food tray, not only the baby can enjoy their snack time and playing time with the BPA free tray, but also it saving moms effort on putting in and out of baby into the seat. Much more, parents can easily remove it for dishwashing.

The Nylon fabric seat cover with 3-point straps to provide more comfort and safety for your little one. Moreover, when your baby grows up, to remove the food tray and tighten the bottom 2 straps to fix it onto your dining chair to convert it to be a booster seat. That is being said, this chair will accompany with your baby for a long time.

Best for the seat cover is that it can be removed for machine washing. Easy to clean up all stains.

Pro Tips:

The height of the chair legs is about 5 inches. If parents don’t want their baby’s leg dangle down, when they grow up, just removed the food tray, and fixed it on the chair to let your baby’s feet to place onto the chair.


  • Sturdy on the uneven surfaces
  • Compact size and portability for small spaces and traveling
  • With BPA free food tray for baby to enjoy the snack and playing time
  • Swivel food tray give moms more convenient
  • Easily removable food tray for dishwashing
  • Seat cover with 3-point harness for safety protection
  • Removable seat cover for machine washing
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Several colors to choose


  • Many users complained about the quality of the fabric

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If parents want to find the best high chair for small spaces, the “Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair” is our top pick. As it is compact but can be used as a booster seat as well. Very suitable for narrow space and good portability for carrying outside.

The most important reason why we choose this one as the best high chair for small spaces is that it has 3 adjustable recline position and 2 height adjustment function. While most such a compact sized baby high chair cannot be either recline nor adjust the back height. These 2 combined features allowing your baby to have the most comforts mealtime.