Impatient to find out our list of the best sippy cups? Our top option goes to the Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup.

It’s certainly a big step when your child hits that six-month mark. He or she may be sitting up on their own and demonstrating basic hand-eye coordination. If that’s the case, they may be ready for their own sippy cup.

In the Best Sippy Cups of 2020, we go through the types and what to keep in mind when it’s time.

Here is our top list for the best sippy cups of this year:

  1. Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup

  2. NUK Learner Sippy Cup

  3. The First Years Take & Toss

  4. Philips Avent Premium Spout

  5. Nuby 2-Pack Two-Handle No-Spill

  6. Dr. Brown’s Options Wide-Neck Sippy

  7. Lollaland Weighted Straw Sippy Cup

  8. Philips Avent My Bendy Straw Cup

Types of Sippy Cups

While your little one may be showing signs of better coordination, switching from a bottle to a cup overnight could be a hilarious, but unfortunate, disaster.

This is where the sippy cup comes into play. It’s the perfect option for that in-between phase. By using it, your child learns how to manage a proper cup later on.

Trainer Cups

These models make a great starting point because they typically have two handles—one at each side. They usually provide a grip feature that allows your baby to hold onto it easily. Like bottles, they require being tipped back for drinking.

The mouth portion, or the valve, is generally similar to the nipple of a bottle which will feel familiar to your little one. Because of this, you’ll find a lot of trainers included in the best sippy cups for transitioning from a bottle.

Spouted Cups

As your sweet baby turns into an early toddler, they’ll probably graduate to a regular spouted cup. The majority have a stopper inside of the cup to keep liquid from flowing back out.

They’re a traditional option you’re probably familiar with and they come in a variety of styles and prints. The best sippy cups for milk will either come in this style or the one above, so long as the individual components are easy to clean.

Straw Sippy Cups

This variety sports a straw built-in to the cup.

An advantage is that this type of cup could potentially help avoid speech delays down the road. Research hasn’t presented conclusive evidence, but some studies point to straw cups being better than spouted options for a baby’s mouth.

A major disadvantage is that these cups can be hard to clean. This is especially the case when they’re used for milk, so we recommend avoiding that.

The best sippy cups with straws sport a weighted mechanism that keeps the straw emerged in liquid regardless of the positioning. This can allow your little one to drink with ease.

360 Cups

I wish I had known about this style of cup when my firstborn was a toddler. It’s a functional upgrade from your standard sippy cup—allowing your child to drink from any angle at the cup’s top. Once your child stops drinking, the cup’s automatic seal locks into place, preventing leaks.

There is no spout with this one, so some dentists claim it’s better for your little one’s mouth development as well.

This type requires more coordination than other styles, so it’s not a surprise some of the best sippy cups for toddlers fall into this category.

With at said, some parents are successful at automatically transitioning to one of these while foregoing spouted cups altogether.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Sippy Cups

The best rated sippy cups will be durable, functionable and easy to clean. Let’s go over that and more with the features to keep in mind.

Age and Training Level

Glimpsing above, you can see that the use of a spouted sippy cup, in general, is a bit controversial. However, the main points to factor in are for how longyour child uses it and what style it is.

Trainer cups are great for babies, but they shouldn’t rely on them forever. Spouted varieties would be an upgrade, but again, the mouth portion could potentially cause issues later on if used for an extended period of time.

If your little one is around one year old, try to wean them off of a nipple-friendly sippy cup (trainer) or spouted option as soon as possible. They can learn to use a straw sippy cup instead or a 360 option, which is both popular for the toddler age range. Giving a younger baby one of these, however, would only prove frustrating as they might not be ready for the coordination required.

Tips for Transition

Depending on what features you choose, the cup should make for a steady and successful transition from using a bottle only.

The level of difficulty won’t be the same for each child and as a parent, try to remain as patient as possible. It’s a strange new world for your baby and they could react with refusal or hysteria.

Take it slow. When your little one feels ready, they’ll show signs including but not limited to grabbing for your cup or indicating that they want theirs.

Is baby happy? Try offering the cup when your child is content. Otherwise, both of you may regret trying in the first place.

Lastly, if your baby is still discouraged, try switching up the liquid inside. It may take him or her time to adjust to drinking water. Diluted juice or milk can work here.

Important Features

Aside from the drinking styles, sippy cups offer different features to support your little one on their journey to using a regular glass:

  • Spill-proof mechanism: It’s one of the biggest factors to keep in mind because the last thing you want is another mess to clean up. Some cups offer a stopper within the mouth portion itself. The best spill proof sippy cups will be easy to clean to avoid a build-up of matter around the valve and through the straw, if there is one.
  • Gripped handles: For babies and early toddlers, holding an actual cup while trying to drink from it can be quite challenging. Until they get the hang of it, handles may help instill some confidence while encouraging your little one to transition from the bottle.
  • BPA-free: If you choose a plastic cup for your child, ensure that it’s BPA-free. Prolonged exposure is linked to abnormalities in neurodevelopment and more.
  • Weighted bottoms: Some manufacturers are smart to create cups with weighted bases, so they’re less likely to tip over. Even with a spill-proof feature, there’s a chance liquid can still escape.

How to get your baby drinking from sippy cups?

Feeling difficult to get your baby drinking from sippy cups? Look at this video to learn how:

The Best Sippy Cups Reviews

Our list below contains the eight best sippy cups of 2020. You’ll surely find a perfect fit for your little one.

1. Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup – Best Rated Sippy Cup

The BPA-free Munchkin Miracle cup comes two per package, each with a 7-ounce capacity. Dentists recommend its spoutless design as it provides your child with a true cup experience and may improve oral development.

When your little one is finished drinking, it automatically seals itself off to prevent unwanted spills. It’s easy for small fingers to grab hold of, thanks to the curved handles to each side.

One of the best things about the Munchkin is that you can put it in the dishwasher. There are no extra valves or other unnecessary pieces to cause any gunk-buildup in the meantime. As a mom, this feature is invaluable.

Suitable for children starting at six months old, it’s sold in 11 different color combinations including purple, orange, blue, green and pink.

If you’re concerned about developmental issues or speech delays, this cup has you covered.


  • 360 design.
  • Pack of two.
  • Easy to hold.
  • Recommended by dentists.


  • Cup’s silicone band requires a deep clean from time to time.

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2. NUK Learner Sippy Cup – Best Sippy Cup for Transitioning From Bottle

Five friendly designs are available to choose from for this cup including a bird theme, dinosaurs, Hello Kitty, balloons and a star print.

It’s a popular learners cup made from plastic and silicone that features a soft, spill-proof spout. This feature mimics a bottle’s nipple, making that first transitional stage an easier one. It’s also gentler on their gums, palette and teeth.

The valve includes a vent, which helps your baby avoid swallowing too much air leading to an upset tummy. It flows with ease when your child sips on it, reducing any frustration they may feel with this new device.

With no-slip, easy-grip handles, the cup is appropriate for babies starting around six months old.

Use a regular bottle brush to clean it thoroughly or pop it in the dishwasher for ultimate convenience.

Nuk praises this bottle’s spill-proof, leak-proof and break-proof design. If your child is in the throwing stage, the cup should be able to weather the storm.


  • Non-slip handles.
  • Air vent included in design.
  • Dishwasher-friendly.
  • Stands up to harsh use.


  • Some babies struggle learning how to bite down.

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3.The First Years Take & Toss – Best Disposable Sippy Cup

These clever cups could be disposable without any guilt involved. They come in a pack of four and are budget-friendly. With features suitable for traveling, they may be a great buy for vacation.

A bonus travel cap is included to ensure spills or leaks are minimal. The spouts are simple in design and valve-free, making them easier to clean. They come with snap-on lids that are interchangeable so you can mix and match as you need.

They’re a wonderful option for playdates if your little one’s friend is without a cup. Easy to wash and use, the convenience is too good to be true.

Furthermore, these cups are made without any PVC, phthalates or BPA making them safe for everyone to enjoy.

No handles are included on this option. Between that and the overall design, it’s recommended for use starting at nine months old. Younger babies wouldn’t benefit here.


  • Four per pack.
  • Interchangeable lids.
  • Cleaning made easy.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Travel cap doesn’t stop all leaks.

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4. Philips Avent Premium Spout – Best Sippy Cup for Milk

This company is well-known in the world of baby supplies for offering quality products. Let’s see how this cup compares.

Available in pink and purple, and teal and blue the print on this cup is cute and simple with different images including penguins and rockets. The bottles come in a pack of two for convenience.

The parts to this cup are compatible with a variety of Philips products including plastic bottles and an array of other sippy cup designs. It’s a useful feature when you have more than one child around or want to choose between different options.

It’s a completely safe choice for your kids containing no BPA.

A spill-proof one-piece valve means messes should be a rare occasion. This feature backs up the soft, wide spout that your baby will find comfortable.

On the spout is a small slit allowing for free-flowing liquids. It cuts back on the need for your child to suck so hard.


  • Sweet printed design.
  • Compatible with other Philips cups and bottles.
  • BPA-free.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Slit in spout may leak when upside down.

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5. Nuby 2-Pack Two-Handle No-Spill – Best Spill Proof Sippy Cup

As you can tell from the title, this 8-ounce trainer cup comes with two per pack. A variety of colors are available to choose from so you can mix and match as you’d like.

Made from BPA-free materials, the manufacturer states it can be used starting at four months old. However, based on the other recommendations we see out there, it may be best to hold off until six months.

The soft, no-spill silicone spout is gentle on your baby as they learn how to use this trainer. It features handles to each side that allows little fingers to handle it with ease.

One of our favorite features is the “Touch-Flo” valve that allows your little one to control the rate at which the liquid flows from this cup. For babies learning how to use a cup for the first time, this may stop them from taking in too much.

The one-piece built-in valve makes this cup easier to clean than those that need further breaking down.


  • Touch-Flo valve.
  • Gentle silicone spout.
  • Bright colors to choose from.


  • The cup’s seal may be faulty.

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6. Dr. Brown’s Options Wide-Neck Sippy – Best Sippy Cup for Digestion

This sippy cup from Dr. Brown’s is a unique option on our list—thanks to its grow-with-me removable handles and wide silicone spout.

We appreciate that the spout and handles can fit other wide-neck bottles from the same manufacturer. This allows you the opportunity to keep your supplies to a minimum while still being versatile in what you can offer your little one.

It’s available in an 8-ounce size or 9 ounces, depending on your needs and comes in blue, turquoise or pink.

BPA-free and dishwasher safe, it’s easy to maintain safety and hygiene standards for our little ones with this cup. It’s simple to breakdown and reassemble, so you won’t be fumbling around when you’re short on time.

Dr. Brown’s prides itself on creating bottles and cups that reduce burping, gas and spit-up. A vacuum-free feed or drink will promote smoother digestion for your little one which may encourage them to keep on trying.


  • Two sizes available.
  • Grow-with-me options.
  • Vacuum-free, silicone spout.


  • Fast-flowing nipple isn’t suitable for some.

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7.Lollaland Weighted Straw Sippy Cup – Best Sippy Cup With Straw

An adorable penguin cup, this straw sippy option sports the popular weighted feature to ensure your baby has minimal frustration when gulping down that liquid. It works so that even when they’re running out, they can still slurp up the last bit of what remains.

Safety isn’t an issue here as Lollaland states that this product is free from any potentially harmful ingredients including BPA, phthalates, melamine and BPS. Approved by the FDA, it’s dishwasher safe, so germs don’t linger around for too long.

It’s made in the USA with seven color choices.

Lollaland has chosen to forego the spill-proof design here so the idea that liquids leak if turned upside down is reinforced with your child. This may be frustrating for a little one at first, but over time, the learning lesson could pay off.

The wide straw allows for baby to drink a variety of liquids from this cup, so the sky’s the limit where new tastes are concerned.


  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Reinforced learning.
  • Wide straw.
  • Safe for your little one.


  • Tips over easily.

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8. Philips Avent My Bendy Straw Cup– Best Sippy Cup for Toddlers

Last but not least, we have another sippy cup from Philips Avent but this time it’s with a straw. You receive two per pack with color choices of either green and blue or purple and pink.

Pediatric dentists recommend it as the straw is claimed to be better for oral development. While this may depend on your child and how long they use the cup, it’s still something to consider.

The company is so confident about its spill-proof mechanism, that a money-back guarantee is offered should the cup not live up to your expectations. Or if it spills all over your back seat.

Dishwasher safe and BPA-free, it’s another suitable option where hygiene is concerned. A top priority for most parents.

This cup is appropriate for babies aged 12 months and up and the non-slip features on the sides should help your little one hold it properly as they learn.


  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Recommended by dentists.
  • Spill proof.
  • BPA-free.


  • No handles.

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Sip Away Summary

Choosing our favorite sippy cup was no easy feat, but the Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup came out on top.

We can’t help but love the 360 spill-proof, development-friendly design. Geared toward older toddlers, some one year olds might find it a welcome choice. It comes in a two-pack which we can’t complain about either.

What sippy cup will you use for your baby?