If parents in a hurry to figure out what is the best double strollers for twins, we recommend the “Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller” as the best one.

Best strollers for twins are mainly used for at least 2 babies and whose age gap is less than 2 years old, and it is especially suited for twins.

Since double strollers for 2 is cost more than single strollers, we have outlined some important things need to take consideration before parents make their final decision.

Here are the top 9 best double strollers for twins 2020

1. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

2. Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

3. BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Jogging Stroller

4. Kolcraft Cloud Side-by-Side Double Umbrella Stroller with 3-Point Safety System and Reclining Seats

5. Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem Stroller

6. Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Baby & Toddler Stroller

7. Britax 2017 B-Agile Double Stroller

8. Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller with Second Seat

9. Maxi-Cosi Dana For 2 Double Stroller

When Can Parents Use A Double Stroller for Baby and Toddlers?

The best age for babies to use a double stroller is from 6 months to about 5 years old. Due to every double stroller has weight and height limitation, if parents put 2 babies whose over 5 years old, their combined weight may overload and cause potentially dangerous.

There is one thing parents should keep in mind is that if your babies are younger than 6 months old, you should get a twin stroller with car seats or bassinets. Because of your little one are not able to sit straight and support themselves. Double strollers with car seats or bassinets can let your baby lay flat in it, and protect them from the bump.

Figuring out what aged babies can use a double stroller, this will determine what type of double strollers can be chosen.

Types of Double Strollers for Twins

Side-by-side Double Baby Strollers

This type of double strollers usually come with wider size and heavier weight than single strollers. Therefore, it is space-consuming and often causes awkward when parents encounter narrow street, tight doors or crowded space.

The advantages of this type of double strollers for 2 is that it has superior in steering and operability thanks to its structural design. Since children sit in the same direction, they can enjoy the same sunshade protection, foot space, and views.

Side by side double stroller fits for children from birth to 4 years old around, if they can attach with 2 infant car seats or bassinets.

Tandem Double Strollers for Twins

This type of double stroller often designed to be one seat in front of the other. This structure will longer than the side-by-side one, but it keeps slim as same as the single strollers. Therefore, it keeps compact for storage in trunk.

If you often take your little walks around in tight space, the tandem double stroller is your favorite one.

Due to its inline layout design, the baby sits in the rear seat may not able to enjoy longer foot space and sun coverage and limited views.

Tandem double strollers suits for babies from newborn to about 4 years old. For newborns, the stroller must with car seats or bassinets.

All-terrain Double Strollers for Jogging

If parents like to jogging with your babies, an all-terrain double stroller is definitely fit for your needs. This type double stroller features for its jogging performance.

Usually, a jogging double stroller structured with 3 wheels rather than 4 wheels, and all the wheels are good for working on any kind of terrains. Moreover, jogging strollers has excellent suspension systems to reduce bump when it rides on the rough surfaces.

The weakness of this type of double stroller is that it comes with heavier weight. But this should not affect parents to easily operate this kind of double jogging strollers.

All-terrain double strollers better for babies from 6 months to about 4 years old, not recommend parents jogging or running with newborns.

Umbrella Double Stroller for Twins

Double stroller equipped with an umbrella will give your babies more protection from sunshine, wind or rain.

Although the double stroller has limited space, there is always a way to install an umbrella to protect the baby.

The truth is, a side-by-side type double strollers are easy to get ample sunshade coverage, while a tandem one gets less.

This type of double stroller is quite suits for traveling or long time outdoor activities. If parents like to travel with your littles, take this one will be your safe choice.

Suits for babies from birth to about 4 years old.

Sit-and-stand Double Strollers

As its name indicated, this one is quite fit for parents who have 2 children, but they are not in the same stage, the front seat for the younger one to sit, and the rear place for the older one to stand.

Another benefit for this type double stroller is that the standing place gives more options for the actively baby to move around.

This type double stroller fit for newborn to around 5 years old.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Double Strollers for Twins


Before parents made their final decision on which double stroller to buy, we need to figure out what purpose exactly we want to use a double stroller.

Following example questions can hopefully help parents to identify your real needs:

  1. What the age of your little babies?
  2. Where to go most often with the double stroller?
  3. Are you a serious runner or active parents want to stay with your babies while exercising?
  4. How are the terrain conditions like around your home?
  5. What is the character of your babies?
  6. Do you like traveling with your babies?
  7. What is your budget range?

Once you find your real purpose of buying top double strollers, we are going to looking for some specific double strollers features, which may affect our user experience in the future.

Weight of Double Baby Strollers

A lightweight double stroller will let parents to easily push and turn during the moving.

The double strollers’ weight often determined by the structure, material, and size of the double stroller.

As we mentioned above, the material of the frame usually made of aluminum or steel, and an aluminum frame has a lighter weight than steel.

Double strollers’ size also plays a big role in terms of weight. To find out what size should be fit for babies, parents only need to take a look at how tall and weight of your babies.

Wheels Design of Double Strollers

The top double strollers should come with good wheel design. Because of wheels performance will affect how babies feeling while moving, and how long it can be using.

A good wheel design also determines how the double stroller work on the uneven surfaces. As a result, among all the type of double strollers, the jogging double stroller has the best performance in wheels design.

Size of Twins Strollers

If parents don’t want to spend much time on carrying with your double strollers, find an appropriate size that can fit for your trunk and storage.

Braking and Stopping

This device for babies safety guarantee. Parents can reduce the speed or stop walking when in need.

There are two types of brakes, hand brakes, and foot brakes. We recommend choosing hand brake one, it is easier to operate than the foot one.

And do remember, this feature is the necessary one and the first thing needs to be a consideration while parents looking for the best double strollers for twins.

Adjustable Hand Bar

Parents come with different height while moms are often shorter than dads. If you don’t want to push your double stroller like a slouch, an adjustable hand bar will let parents find the best height when you walking with your babies.

Pay attention to the adjustable range, not every double stroller can be adjusted with enough wide range.

Fold Easily

Good portability and foldability give parents much convenience when traveling.

When it comes to folding, parents need to take double stroller’s size into account as well. As these two features are most affected the performance of foldability.


Any parents decide to go with a double stroller, and your babies are younger than 6 months old, the double stroller should be equipped with car seats to protect your littles.

Good double strollers should easily fit for most brand car seats in the current market. And will it accommodate both newborn twins and toddlers?


It is hard to keep one position from the beginning of walking to the end. With reclinable function will give babies to have more optionable status during the long journey.

Large Canopy

If you are looking at tandem type double strollers, baby in the rear one may get limited coverage due to the occupied space by the front one.

For side-by-side type, most often, twins can get more coverage from the shade canopy.

Better to find an extendable canopy to give your babies as much protection as possible.

Ample Basket Storage

How important is an adequate basket for parents who have experienced headaches due to narrow storage space.

Since twins need more baby gears to be storied, to choose a double stroller with a big basket will give parents and babies a calm outgoing.

Best Double Strollers for Twins 2020

1. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller: Most Popular Double Baby Strollers on Amazon

Very easy to assemble for both new and experienced parents, and fashionable looking appearance with several colors options.

The weight capacity up to 45 pounds each(totally 90 pounds) and this double stroller is fit for children from 3 months to 36 months old. 32 inches width which is easy to pass through standard doorways.

It comes with 2 7-inches front and 2 9.5-inches rear tire wheels. Big wheels will help parents to easily navigate the whole stroller.

Each seat with footrest feature and can be reclined separately from nap position to sitting position. This feature will let babies have more options when they feel like to change positions during the walking.

With the removable front bumper bar and 5-point harness in each seat, this combined designing really protect your babies from move forward and backward if they encounter suddenly stopping.

This side by side double stroller also with one-hand fold up and unfold device which gives parents most convenience whenever they are in need. But some parents complained about the collapsed size, which is bulky when storage in the truck.

Fully sunshade is a favorable feature for most parents. This double stroller equipped with an extendible canopy to protect your babies from sun to rain.

There are no trays comes with this twins stroller, but there are 2 mesh-pockets beside each seat which can store some snacks or toys, and 2 zippered pockets behind the seat, which for parents to put a mobile phone or other pieces of stuff.

Since you are walking with 2 babies, there is a large and deep basket under the seat can let parents put baby kinds of stuff into it without any worries.

Pro Tips:

If parents feel difficult to put their babies into the seat, that’s because the front guardrail is installed, parents can remove it before get into your babies.


  • Easy to put together and steer
  • One-hand device for fold up and unfold
  • Fits for different aged children
  • Stable performance
  • Each seat can be deeply reclined for more position options
  • Each seat with footrest
  • With front guardrail and 5-point straps to increase the safety
  • Various colors
  • Reasonable price


  • Relatively heavy and bulky once fold up
  • Not work well on uneven surfaces
  • The handlebar can not adjustable

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2. Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller: Best Overall Sidy-by-side Double Strollers for 2 Babies

This side by side double jogger stroller can bear children from newborn to 36 months old, though the frame is made of metal, the weight limitation up to 50 pounds each seat, totally 100 pounds.

With dual 12 inches swivel and lock front wheels, parents can use this twins strollers for both daily walking or jogging purpose. What to point out is that parents better to keep a bicycle pumper to inflate the wheels whenever in need. This double stroller works well on any kinds of terrain.

Although the manufacturer recommends it only compatible with Baby Trend infant car seats, our test found that it fits very well with Graco and Evenflo car seat as well. This feature allows parents to have more options when they going to put into 2 babies with an age gap.

Separately adjustable shade for each is the outstanding feature when it compared to the same price range of double strollers. Even if the canopies can’t full coverage, but it can adjust as the changed sun direction. This will really protect babies well for they need.

Multi-position recline function gives babies more choices when they feel like to sit for eating snacks or lay down for sleeping. Along with padded seat, children really comfy when they sit into the chamber.

In front of the seats, there are 2 snack trays for each baby. The snack trays come with 2 cup holders individually. The funny thing is that parents can use these 2 trays as a footrest as well.

When it comes to parents tray, this double jogger stroller does equip with this. Except for the 2 cups or phone holder, there are 2 MP3 speakers in the tray as well. No matter parents want to play music by these 2 speakers or their own mobile phone, this feature was satisfied both.

Large basket underneath the per seat to hold up to 5 pounds individually, this design really gives parents to storage enough stuff for their babies.

The 5-point harness is not attached into the frame but on the seat cloth, if parents mind this device will affect the safety issue, we recommend parents to consider other kinds of double strollers.

Pro Tips:

  1. For parents who complained about the wheels easy to wobbly, we recommend that not inflate fully, but up to 90% inflatable is the best for walking.
  2. If parents using this double stroller as jogging, you should keep the 2 front wheels as locked condition, and swivel for walking. This is the reason why some parents complained about shaking while moving. Actually, jogging is quite different from walking.


  • Work well on any kinds of terrain
  • Hold up to 100 pounds weight totally
  • Individually and adjustable angle for the canopy to give proper protection for children
  • Metal frame for durable performance
  • With snack and parents tray
  • MP3 speaker included
  • Separately and large baskets for storage
  • With parking brake help to stop
  • Ample foot space to have rest
  • Compatible well with some brands of car seats
  • Affordable price range


  • Relatively heavy and bulky once folded up
  • Fixed handlebar height
  • 5-point harness not attached into the frame

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3. BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Jogging Stroller: Best All-terrains Double Stroller for Jogging

If parents are outdoor sports enthusiasts, then a jogging stroller is your best choice. BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Jogging Stroller is specially designed for jogging or running with your babies.

It can hold up to babies from 8 weeks to 50 pounds each. If it equipped with the BOB Duallie infant car seat adapter, it compatible with any branding car seat. This feature allows parents to get into 2 babies of similar age or 2 babies of different ages. Moreover, with car seats, this double jogging stroller actually is ready for traveling system.

This double jogging stroller comes with one swivel and lock the air-tire front wheel, swivel condition for daily walking and locking for jogging or running. Thanks to its mountain bike-like suspension system, these features make this to be the best double jogging stroller for all terrains. Parents can enjoy a smooth and effortless ride on any kind of surface.

With 9 position handlebar adjustable functions, parents can easily find the best fit for their different heights. The height adjustment range from 33.5 to 55.5 inches, the wide range gives parents a comfortable moving during the journey.

One-hand recline feature gives parents easy to find a comfy position for their children. Both seats can be nearly laid down flat or sit up straight, very convenience for babies to have rest and viewing.

Two-step fold up design lets parents easy store this double stroller into the trunk. If parents concern about the collapsed size for storage, the rear 2 big wheels can be removed before put it into the trunk.

Individual large sunshades with per top peekaboo windows for each seat, not only give babies necessary protection from sunshine but also allow parents to observe each baby at any time.

Padded seat with a 5-point harness for each seat, increased comfy and safety for babies.

Underneath the seats is a big and deep basket to keep baby’s gear. Easy access and ample room for storage.

Pro Tips:

Additional information about the two-step fold up:

Step 1: Adjust the handlebar to the highest position and push it to the front side.

Step 2: Pull the recline strap backward to fold up and latch the whole stroller.


  • Smoothly and sturdy ride on all terrains
  • Easy push and turn
  • Professional suspension system to anti-shake during moving
  • Versatile for daily walking, jogging and traveling system
  • Compatible with major branding car seats with an adapter
  • Adjustable handlebar to get proper height for parents
  • One-hand recline operation
  • Two-step fold up procedure
  • Individual canopy with SPF 50+ anti-sunshine protection
  • Easy access and roomy basket storage
  • Several colors optional


  • Relatively heavy and bulky
  • Need to buy accessories, such as parents and baby trays and infant car seat adapter
  • Little higher price

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4. Kolcraft Cloud Side-by-Side Double Umbrella Stroller with 3-Point Safety System and Reclining Seats: Best Lightweight Double Stroller for Infant and Toddlers

Side by side structure, simple and super lightweight make it very easy to steer on and off-road. It fit for babies from 6 months to 35 pounds for each seat, totally 70 pounds load.

The most outstanding feature for this double umbrella stroller is the back seat roll-up design. The seat pad part can be rolled up making it as a sleeping pillow for children’s heads. And the seat back mesh material keeps ventilation in hot days. This multifunction design really has given children the maximum comfy sleeping and staying.

Separately recline for each seat, although it only reclined slightly, it doesn’t matter for babies to have a good rest. Because of the limited recline range, this lightweight double stroller can’t compatible with any car seats. Therefore, parents should not use this kind of double stroller for a baby who is younger than 6 months old.

With individually and extendable sunshade canopy for each seat, gives each child fully coverage from sunshine.

Pretty easy fold up and keep the small size for traveling and store in the compact trunk. This feature is really good for parents who are like to frequently traveling because of the lightweight and compact size compatible with most air path, give parents most convenience during the journey.

Unfortunately, this double umbrella stroller did not come with any baby and parents tray, and there is no anywhere to store baby essentials. There is only one cup holder in the handlebar. Even if parents want to buy an extra baby tray, there isn’t any way to install the additional tray. No basket and baby tray are the most parents complained about.

Pro Tips:

For parents who are freak out in store baby gears, can buy a bag loop to the rear handlebar for extra storage.


  • Super lightweight for easy push and turn
  • Separately recline function for each seat
  • Individual extendable canopy for each seat
  • Roll up back seat pad to keep ventilation in hot days
  • Easy fold up and keep standing for glide after collapsed
  • Compact size for storage and carrying
  • Affordable price


  • No basket for store baby essentials
  • No snack and parents tray
  • 3-point harness instead of 5-point

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5. Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem Stroller: Best Stand On Tandem Double Stroller for Infants and Toddlers

If parents having 2 children who are within 2 years old, this Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand-On Tandem Double Stroller is definitely fit for your needs. Especially parents got an active child who is not willing to sit in the strollers, this versatile tandem double stroller will be the best solution.

With sturdy structure, it can bear babies from newborn to 45 pounds each, totally 90 pounds holding.

This seat and stand on the tandem double stroller are versatile. It can be used for 2 children witch one sits in the front seat and the other one standing on the rear platform. Included a universal car seat adapter, it can attach almost all branding car seats in the current market. Then the double stroller is ready for travel systems and can let the front baby face toward the parents.

On the other hand, it can be used for the rear child to sit by using the Caboose rear seat accessories. This feature suitable for the older one feels tired after a long time standing.

The front seat is 3-position reclining, let the younger baby get a comfy posture when they experiencing a long distance journey.

For parents who are struggling with storage and transportation the double strollers, the easy fold up and compact size features are a perfect solution for this kind of parent. If parents have a strict demand for the collapsed size, the rear wheels can be removed breeze, then it will save much space for storage.

There is only one adjustable sun canopy, but it can cover both front and rear babies when they in need.

Large and zip covered underneath basket to store plenty of baby gears and keep it safe.

Removable food tray for the front baby is included, baby can enjoy their snack time. And an ample footrest panel is included as well.

Pro Tips:

  1. The Caboose rear seat accessories do not come with this package, need to buy extra.
  2. Parents who have worries about the security of the rear standing child, let the child either to grab the beside verticle frame bracket or use the Caboose rear seat to convert to sit situation.
  3. For parents who are planning to buy the parents console, better to choose the same brand and series accessories for easy fits.


  • Relatively lightweight and easy to steer
  • Diversity function to let babies have more choices in standing, sit or walk
  • With parking brake and 4 wheels suspension system achieve smoothly ride and easily control the speed
  • Easy fold up and keep compact size
  • Universal car seat adapter included
  • Food tray and footrest panel included
  • Padded seat with a 5-point harness to increase comfort and safety
  • Ample and safety basket for storage baby essentials
  • Several colors to choose
  • Reasonable price


  • Need to buy some extra accessories, such as Caboose rear seat, parents console.
  • The handlebar can’t adjust in a wide range for proper height
  • Many parents complained about the noise from wheels

>>Check Latest Price on Amazon<<



6. Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Baby & Toddler Stroller: Best Double Carseat Stroller Ready for Traveling Systems

This tandem versatile double stroller holds up for babies from newborn to 40 pounds each seat.

With or without universal car seat adapters, parents can customize this double stroller to 8 modes:

  1. Attach a bassinet on the rear seat for newborn facing parents, and keep the front stroller seat for a toddler facing forward.
  2. Both seats are with a car seat for twins and both facing parents, transfer it to a double traveling system for twins.
  3. The rear seat with a car seat for newborn facing backward, while the front stroller seat for a toddler facing forward.
  4. Keep 2 stroller seat for infant and toddlers facing backward.
  5. Make the 2 stroller seat facing forward for siblings.
  6. Keep the rear stroller seat facing parents and the front one facing forward.
  7. The 2 stroller seat facing each other for siblings.
  8. Remove the rear seat to become a single stroller, and leave the rear place to storage.

From the above multiple configurations, parents can easily find the best combinations for their children.

Thanks to its rubber coated wheels with the dynamic suspension system, it can ride smoothly on any terrains. Features lightweight due to aluminum frame design, parents can easily push and turn this double stroller.

Each seat comes with a zippable sunshade to protect your babies from sunshine, and a peekaboo mesh window on the top of per canopy allows parents to quietly observe your littles. Moreover, individually 5-point harness to increase the safety for children.

Extendable footrest added comfy and long usage time as the children growing up.

Ample basket underneath the seat for store diaper bags etc. But it a bit difficult to access while the front seat reclined.

The handlebar can’t adjustable, comes with a cup holder attached on the side of the handlebar. With easy applying foot brake offers parents control the speed as they want.

Pro Tips:

  1. In spite of the wheels can be come off, this double stroller didn’t intentionally design for jogging.
  2. Parents can fold up with the car seat adapter as long as make sure to pull both sides of the adapter up before you fold the stroller.
  3. Food trays, parents console, and universal car seat adapters accessories are sold separately.


  • Easy steer on any terrains
  • Multi-combination with seats for infant and toddler
  • Rubber coated wheels with suspension systems
  • Compatible with most brand car seats
  • Independently sunshade with mesh peekaboo mesh window
  • Extendable footrest pad
  • Tandem structure to keep small size for transportation and carrying
  • Each seat with 5-point harness to properly tighten babies
  • Roomy basket for store baby essentials
  • Several colors for optional


  • Accessories not included with the package
  • Not really easy fold up for storage
  • Different colors with different price

>>Check Latest Price on Amazon<<



7. Britax 2017 B-Agile Double Stroller: Best Umbrella Double Stroller for Infants and Toddlers

It comes with an aluminum frame side by side structure, lightweight but still holds up to 50 pounds per seat. Thanks to its swivel and lockable front wheels, along with excellent suspension systems, it rides smoothly on the paved road, easy to push and turn.

Compact size with 31 inches wide, this double stroller can easily pass through most of the standard doorways, very convenience for carrying.

The adjustable handlebar lets parents easily find the proper height when they about walking with this double stroller.

This double stroller features for its deep and wide range recline position for each seat. Each seat can be reclined separately to customize 2 babies different position requests. The 3 positioning adjustment 5-point harness design allows parents to tighten babies properly.

Large and individually adjustable sun canopy is the other favorable feature from parents. It can adjust according to your babies sunshine situation for personal protection.

Several places to store baby essentials. One is the basket underneath the seat while there are 2 pockets under the front footrest. Behind the seat, there are also pockets to store the water bottle, mobile phone.

Easy fold up function and keep small size let parents easy transportation and storage.

Unfortunately, this side by side double stroller can’t compatible with any brand car seat, so this may not for newborn babies, better for babies at least 6 months old.

Pro Tips:

Even if this double stroller comes with a great suspension system and front swivel and lockable wheels, we do not recommend using this stroller as a jogging stroller.


  • Lightweight to easy navigation
  • Sturdy work on the paved path and rug
  • Wide range recline for each seat
  • Adjustable handlebar for different height
  • Individual and adjustable sun canopy for each seat
  • Padded and deep seat with 3-positioning adjustable 5-point harness
  • Several pockets for store baby essentials
  • Easy apply parking brake
  • 2 colors for optional
  • Reasonable price


  • Not designed to compatible with any brand car seats
  • Excluded food tray and bumper bar accessories

>>Check Latest Price on Amazon<<



8. Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller with Second Seat: Best Versatile Twin Strollers with Two Car Seats

This tandem double stroller feature for its versatility, totally can be configurated to 16 styles, they are:

  1. Ready to a single traveling system by fit with a universal car seat adapter on the top seat.
  2. Single stroller for newborn baby with a bassinet on the top seat.
  3. Facing parents for one baby sitting on the top seat.
  4. Forward facing for one baby sitting on the top seat.
  5. Top seat with a car seat for newborn baby facing parents, bottom one for toddler facing forward.
  6. Top seat with a car seat for newborn and bottom one for toddler both facing parents.
  7. Double stroller with top seat equipped with a bassinet for a newborn, and the bottom for a toddler, both facing parents.
  8. Double stroller for 2 toddlers, top seat facing parents and the bottom facing forward.
  9. Tandem double stroller for 2 toddlers, both facing forward.
  10. Inline double stroller for 2 toddlers who are facing each other.
  11. Tandem double stroller for 2 children who are facing parents.
  12. Each seat attached a bassinet for newborn twins, both facing parents.
  13. Individually equipped with a car seat for newborn twins, convert to double traveling system, both facing parents.
  14. Rear seat for a toddler, front one fit with a car seat for a newborn, both facing parents.
  15. Front seat with a car seat for a newborn while the rear one for a toddler, babies facing each other.
  16. Top seat with a car seat while the bottom seat with a bassinet both for a newborn, and facing parents.

See? there are so many options for parents to have wide range choices for newborns, infants, toddlers, and multiple purpose outgoing as well.

Another outstanding feature of this tandem double stroller is its adjustable handlebar. It allows parents to easily find a proper height if parents don’t want to push slouching. Along with the hand brake device on the handlebar, parents can easily control the walking speed during the moving. These combined features are added more to the comfort for parents and safety for children.

Patented one-step folding and automatically latch for close technology let parents easy store and transportation for this tandem stroller.

With individually adjustable UV 50+ sun canopy for each seat, each baby can get customized protection from sunshine.

The seat chamber comes with a padded material and 5-point harness strap to increase the comfort and safety for babies.

Behind the seats, there is a large pouch bag for store baby toys and other small kinds of stuff. Underneath the seat is a large basket for store diaper bags etc.

This versatile stroller comes with 2 front rubber wheels in 8 inches, and built-in suspension systems in it, babies can enjoy comfortable sleeping without feeling much bumpy. Parents can easily steer on any kinds of terrains. The 2 forever air tire wheels in 12 inches, making this double stroller works durable and sturdy.

In front of the seat, there is an expandable footrest for children to have rested well for their legs. With the children growing longer legs, the expandable feature can satisfy their needs until 5 years old.

This tandem versatile double stroller fits for children from newborn to 45 pounds each.

Pro Tips:

  1. The second seat must be removed, and the first seat must be facing forwards to achieve an easy folding.
  2. If any parents bought the previous same series single stroller, just need to buy an extra second seat kit to convert it into a double stroller without buying another whole double stroller, save money.
  3. Food tray, parents console, front bumper bar, universal car seat adapter, rainy cover accessories do not come with this package, need to buy extra.


  • Most versatility on the current market and can be customized to be 16 styles
  • Works sturdy on rougher terrains
  • 4-positioning adjustable function
  • Individually adjustable UV 50+ sun canopy for each seat
  • Adjustable handlebar with the hand brake device
  • Expandable footrest feature
  • Patent technology in fold up and latching
  • Same width as a single stroller for easy store and carrying
  • Ample room for storing baby essentials
  • Several colors for chosen
  • Premier quality and long lasting using


  • Need to buy extra accessories
  • Relatively heavy
  • Little expensive

>>Check Latest Price on Amazon<<



9. Maxi-Cosi Dana For 2 Double Stroller: Best Compact Side-by-side Double Stroller for Twins

This compact side by side double stroller can be diversified to 3 modes:

  1. 2 car seats to create a traveling system for 2 newborns at the same.
  2. 1 car seat and 1 stroller seat for 1 newborn and 1 toddler.
  3. 2 stroller seats for 2 toddlers for daily walking.

Moreover, this double stroller includes 2 Maxi-Cosi car seat adapter to allow 2 newborn babies to sit at the same time. With or without a stroller seat attached, by using the car seat adapters, it converts to traveling systems at once. Its seldom to find such a price-ranged double stroller comes with 2 car seat adapters.

Super large and independently extendable sun canopy with a top peekaboo window for each seat, parents can give your babies completely sun protection and view them quietly.

The removable padded cushion can be cleaned by machine washing. Feature 5-point harness added safety for babies.

Underneath each seat, there is a large basket for store baby stuff. Parents have no worries about keeping a lot of baby essentials. Included a cup holder beside the handlebar for parents to store a water bottle.

This double stroller holds up to babies from birth to 50 pounds each. Totally weight capacity up to 100 pounds.

Lightweight whole stroller and easy to push and turn on the paved path.

Pro Tips:

The included car seat adapters fit for any of the Maxi-Cosi infant car seats, including the Mico, Mico NXT, Mico AP, Mico 30, and Mico Max 30. And these car seats are US size not for INTERNATIONAL Maxi-Cosi model neither.


  • Multi-model double stroller
  • Lightweight for easy steer
  • Included one cup holder and 2 car seat adapters
  • Individual large and extendable sun canopy with top peekaboo window
  • Reclined position for each seat
  • 2 ample basket for store diaper bag
  • Machine washable for removed cushion seat
  • With padded 5-point harness
  • Easy fold up and keep compact for storage


  • Fits for limited brand car seats
  • Cost more on extra accessories

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To find your best double stroller, parents need to figure out your exact buying intention first. If parents like jogging with your little babies, parents should focus on the best jogging double strollers instead of a double stroller for daily walking.

If parents like traveling frequently, then parents should pay attention to those best double strollers to create traveling systems.

For parents who have newborn twins, we suggest finding the best double stroller can compatible with car seats or bassinets, not the double stroller only.

But for parents who have 2 different-aged babies, parents should look at the best double stroller with or without the car seat attaching feature.

Best of all, we hope every parent makes the right investment on the best double stroller for their children.